Gratuitous cat photos: Heat emergency edition

Gratuitous cat photos: Heat emergency edition

Do not adjust your monitors.

It is not The Holiday Season. This is a legitimate, urgent, bona fide usage of the Emergency Gratuitous Cat Photos System. Circumstances have dictated that we pelt you with pictures immediately.

What circumstances? The cats have melted.

It’s only a chilly 86 degrees in Ringoes, NJ today, and we’re enjoying every frosty minute of it. At this stage of scorch, the cats have only melted to the extent of, say, grilled Provolone.

But we know we’re barreling towards a full liquid Cheez Whiz situation, and there’s nothing we or you or the weatherfolk who keep gleefully telling us IT WILL FEEL LIKE 116 DEGREEEEEEES! can do.

So let’s fan ourselves with photographs of melting cats, shall we?

Oscar: he hath melted.
He hath melted…magnificently.
Let the record show that there are 857,000 such photographs of Oscar, for HE HATH MELTED MUCHLY.
Cindy was fanned by human serfs…
She was offered peeled grapes…
…nevertheless, she melted.
It’s never too early to start melting…
And it’s never too late
Melting can happen anywhere
In any sort of company
Melting may interfere with your ambitions
It may cause you to stop what you’re doing and sing, “Hot time, summer in the city; back of mah neck gettin’ dirty an’ gritty.”
Or it just might be your greatest goal for the day
Some are naturally gifted in the art of meltage
But everyone can melt…and this weekend, everyone will.

Now if that ain’t cooler than a carafe of strawberry lemonade, Oscar is not the meltiest masterpiece this side of Velveeta.

Keep cool, my little marshmallows.

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  1. Steven! Steven! Please pour a melted Steven in my lap right now. That would be summer happiness for sure. Here in Florida we are used to melted cats – and melted people, too. The best thing you can do is post more – many more – pictures of all of the wonderful kitties at Tabby’s Place. Thank you!

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