Epilogues: November 2017

Epilogues: November 2017

We are In It.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year(TM). The Holiday Season. The ThankChanChriKwaNewYear pentathlon of extravagance and emotion and love and angst.

The cats have not noticed.

Cheddar gets his Christmas goose on.

Sure, they’ll get stressed for the hour Aunt Magda is in the house. OK, they’ll notice the offerings of leftover turkey.

But no, they will not worry about getting The Gift That Will Communicate All My Feelings Towards You.
They will not cram the calendar with events they do not wish to attend.
They will not get weepy when the Christmas lights are on “slow fade” and someone plays “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” (I will.)

They will live on, living for the treats and fresh fish mush and love that give them glee twelve months a year.

Maybe this is why they are so grounding, comforting, calming to us when life is anything but. Whether you’re having an awful Advent or a nightly holy night, the cats you love will remain themselves, honest and hopeful and true.

And they will keep moving forward, ever upward. As they did in November:

Arrived: Cello; Kazoo; Didgeridoo; Oboe; Bassoon; Byzantine; Constantine; Masha; Stark; Maria; Nancy; Lucas; Valkyrie; Magic; McKenzie; Dustin; El; Shane

Naughty list whaaaaa…?

Adopted: Bubble and Squeak (together); Grant; Urchin; Flan; Navy & Turquoise (together); Zaphod; Sunny; Emerson; Xenon; Ellie; Sampson, Pumba and Trey (together yes really YES I AM YELLING WOOPEE); Rahula & Sissy (together); Agnetha & Anni Fred (together); Anemone; Olivia

Returned: Matlock; Troy; Scuba; Snorkel; Cheddar

Cleared from Quarantine: Jefferson; Grayson (pictured in top thumbnail); Doodle; Chloe; Patty

Promoted to the Lobby: Anka; Vito

Promoted to the Lounge: Chloe

Demoted to Time-Out Crate 700 Times Daily for Attempted Annihilation of his Species: Anka (Wrestlemania 2017: ambulatory cats: 0; paraplegic cat: 1,000,000)

Promoted to Jonathan’s Office: Melanie

Promoted to His Own Private Suite: Max…who quite seriously needs your prayers for his delicate mental state right now

This holiday season, Puzzle calls on all introverts of the world to unite! Separately.

Promoted to Heaven: Sahara; Zach; Maitreya

Yes, kittens, it is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. But not because Best Buy said so; because you’re here, and you’re alive, and so are the cats. So love your loveys, make merry in the truest ways you know, and look to the lights that never go dark.

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