Epilogues: May 2018

Epilogues: May 2018

Good things happen in June.

Good things also happen in eleven other months, but there’s something about June that just makes you want to…sing-a. Especially when it starts on a Friday, and you’re alive, and you live in a world in which cats exist.

Golden Paulie, new bro of Goldeen, also pictured in top thumbnail due to extreme, incurable levels of handsomeness

So let’s celebrate this snappy new day and this snappy new month by seeing what May motored our way:

Arrived: Sushi; Poppy; Tiana; Maeve; Phalange; Patella; Fibula; Femur; Saul; Rufus; Bartleby; Rorschach; Butternut; Polly; Farrah

Arrived by way of being born at Tabby’s Place: Tiana’s tots Naveen, Raymond, Marlon, Louis and Eudora; Talia‘s tinies Sheldon, Amy, and three yet-unnamed nubbins of cuteness

Adopted: Dino; Cassie; Fred; Ronnie; Trevor; Travis; Paulie & Goldeen (together); Cheddar

Returned and almost instantly readopted: Tristan

Cleared from Quarantine: Snoop; Artemis; Aech; Tawnie; Tink

Gorgeous Goldeen herself

Banished to Ringworm: Shea; Cisco; Rogue; Chachi; Wolfie

Promoted to Heaven: Grace; Ali; stillborn but cherished Juju and Georgia

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Charlie with Karina

Whatever you’re feeling today, may it grow into a great feeling. You’re extraordinary, it’s National Donut Day, and cats and hope and love are all real. Junewards together!

4 thoughts on “Epilogues: May 2018

  1. Fred is doing marvelously well in his new home. He and Patches met nose-to-nose and decided they aren’t bothered by the other’s existence. He has claimed the lower level of the cat tree as his own and talks constantly. He embodies love and sweetness, all wrapped up in a handsome black coat!

  2. So now we are naming kitties after bones, hmm? It is a big responsibility to tag adoptable names on kitties. Let us beware we do not go for Cranium, Sternum and Ulnar.

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