Tara Talk guest post: Our fair Simba

Tara Talk guest post: Our fair Simba

It’s time for another update on our inscrutable, irresistible orange tabby.

Leave it to Simba‘s soulmate Tara to sing every verse with love. Read on and you’ll agree; Tara’s unwavering friendship is a veritable hymn to Sim

Spring is in the air! Temperatures are rising (then dropping again, then flip-flopping again and again), and our minds are filled with anticipation for a world made bright and new as winter melts away. And in a symmetry we couldn’t plan if we tried, it looks like the chill in Director of Operations Danielle’s office is finally beginning to thaw as well.

When last we checked in on him, Simba was contending with some big personalities. As the only gentleman in the office, he was feeling very Henry Higgins about the whole thing:

I’m an ordinary man
Who desires nothing more than just an ordinary chance
To live exactly as he likes
and do precisely what he wants

But finally, it seems he’s settling in. One of the things helping this along: Virginia found her forever home! This leaves Macaroon as the happily undisputed diva she has always wanted to be and has seriously lowered the concentration of growls in the room. In a small office, the difference between four cats and five can mean everything.

Though Simba sees himself as Henry Higgins, his manners have been undergoing some Eliza Doolittle-like retraining. He’s learned that Missy means him no harm and that Sophia will only swat if he gets under her sacred favorite chair. He and Macaroon have each claimed a window bed for afternoon bird watching, which makes for (mostly) peaceful days. A few ongoing projects are underway to build and maintain the peace:

1) Danielle has almost completely rearranged her office to accommodate bigger towers and a special spot for Simba to enjoy his bachelorhood without any Fair Ladies fluttering about. (Her commitment and patience have really been amazing. There have been some pretty dodgy moments getting everyone situated in her work space.)

2) A calming collar is helping to temper Simba’s anxiety, and claw caps are protecting his office mates from the occasional outburst of over-stimulation.

3) Simba’s spot has been outfitted with a puzzle feeder, in which he gets treats once a day. And he’s being introduced to feeding toys to help him get back into playing and to help him release some energy in a healthy and satisfying way. (So far, he’s mostly offended that we expect him to work for his food, but Eliza didn’t get to the Embassy Ball on day one either.)

4) Enrichment sessions in the office every Friday give the cats a chance to play with some interactive toys under the supervision of a wonderfully patient volunteer, who makes sure everyone gets a turn and nobody gets smacked in the nose.

So spring is looking pretty bright for Simba right now! With a little luck o’ the Irish (happy almost St. Patrick’s Day!), by summer the office will be positively serene, and Simba will be well on the road to a life without worry.

Tara, we know that bright hope has everything to do with you. Thank you for your relentless patience with ‘enry…er, Simba. You make his life ever more loverly.

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  1. Clearly, Simba is on an amazing journey to happy, civilized cat behavior – aided by the wonderful Tara. Thank you for this excerpt from his journal. Love to you both.

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