After the storm

After the storm

Kittens, this one’s just a check-in.

A hug across the ether.

A special delivery of love, and warmth, and the comfort of cats.

I don’t know what Winter Storm Riley/Windmageddon/That Terrible Thing That Took The Trees did in your neck of the woods.

Maybe you are without heat.
Maybe you are without water.
Maybe you are without electricity.

You are, I assure you, most definitely not without power. You have the Power of the Loved.

In the humble warmth of Tabby’s Place, we’re extending you a flesh-and-blood welcome to come and hang with our cats. There are shelters and warming stations everywhere, but only at Piazza di Tabby can you charge your cell, warm your bones, and cuddle Bianca in the sunshine all at once.

Truly. We are open to you, from 12-5, every day. We invite and embrace you.

We love you.

All shall be extremely well.

Bianca promises, and I believe her.

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  1. Sweet and wonderful. This touches my heart. Bianca, you have inspired Angela to new heights of welcoming prose. Thank you both and thank you Tabby’s Place. You make my day.

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