Epilogues: February 2018

Epilogues: February 2018

What did February brew for you, kittens?

Was it the seasonal equivalent of honey-lemon tea, accented with a pink marshmallow heart?
Or was it a colander of questionably-colored snow?

Winter weight gain? It only counts if your neck has consumed your shoulders. Paulie hath spoken.

Either way, winter is on the run, and so are the cats. With their news. For your enjoyment and delectation:

Arrived: Bianca; Birdie; Latte; Flossie; Fred; Bella; Brownie; Jalapeno; Tiger;

Adopted: Harley; Jefferson; Calliope; Sugar; Edgar Allen; Virginia & Valencia (together); Nyx; Digger; Smokehouse; Google & Bing (together); Juan Manuel;

Returned: Juliana; Heather;

Cleared from Quarantine: Ronnie(pictured in top thumbnail);Noodle; Ducky; Poe; CornPop; Raven; Eva;

Cleared from Ringworm: Janet; Shea; Paulie;

Banished to Ringworm: Madeline;

“I once was feral, but now am exuberantly, intensely, immensely friendly.” Thus saith Shifty, proof that even the stubbornest among us can shift sweetward.

Promoted to the Community Room: Shifty

Promoted to Heaven: NOOOOOOO ONE.

Stuff We Learned: When the Place is Tabby’s, cat names are never certain. Ergo, Joan Manuel = Juan Manuel = Gus, the name given by his glorious adopters, whose gloriousness is evident from the selection of the name “Gus.” Gus can be short for Augustus, St. Augustine of Hippo, or (most commonly) Asparagus. Gus Gus Gus yeeeeeeah!

February finds many souls in a funk too deep for fun. But March is here, and you’re not alone, and joy exists in the form of approximately 120 cats. March forth, dear hearts.


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  1. Nobody could do February updates like Angela! Wonderful pictures of cats and in a banquet of love to Tabby’s Place. Everything she writes, she writes from the heart. Trillian and Shifty and Paulie are adorable. Anyone remember another Gus – and the Gus bus? A wonderful adoption story. Thank you for the memory, Angela.

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