Tara Talk guest post: Neighbor nuttery

Tara Talk guest post: Neighbor nuttery

“Playing well with others” isn’t everyone’s core competency. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

But, in the case of one Simba Rosenberg, there’s one way to strengthen those social muscles: surround yourself with a slew of new neighbors. Tara tells the tale today. – A.H.

If you’ve been following Simba’s adventures in Suite B, then you know by now that he’s not always the most outgoing roommate. Simba saves his sweet side for those who have earned his trust. And for fellow cats, that trust is hard won.

So it’s been pretty exciting times lately, since Suite B has a whole host of new characters!

So far our ginger hero has yet to encounter gentle Oliver and Twist, because they like to hang out on the ramp, high above the rest of the room with Goldeen. Though, given how much they love human attention, that might change pretty quickly. (Or we might just have a Hidden Treasure Mezzanine of very sweet cats who love people but hide for reasons unknown.

The same cannot be said for new girl Temperance and newish girl Nealy. Don’t be fooled by their similarly pretty tabby and white looks; they’re not related.

Temperance has taken up residence on the tower near Simba’s Favorite Spot atop the crates. And, though Temperance is a gentle girl, her proximity sometimes turns into hissing matches with Simba as they try to figure out who is more skeptical of who.

Nealy, on the other hand…behind her angelic face lies a secret. This sweet girl loves people, and seems to love other cats, with one exception: Nealy seems to not be terribly fond of redheads. (I’m trying not to take this personally.) She’s gone after Simba and Dante and sent them both running for a hiding spot. She tried to go after Rebel, but got out-growled pretty quickly. And, since I’ve never seen her lift an unhappy paw to anybody else, I have to assume she’s not terribly fond of gingers. (We can be a handful.).

Luckily, all is not tumultuous in Simba’s kingdom. He and Leah seem to finally have reached a truce, and these days they share the top of the crates, mostly peacefully. This peace can be broken by the errant tail swatting somebody’s face, or by Leah stealing Simba’s covered bed, but for the most part it seems these two unlikely friends have found a pleasant balance. Though, between you and me, Simba still thinks Leah is a little bit nuts.

“I didn’t say you were nuts! I didn’t! I swear!”

All in all, sweet Simba is taking his new roommates in stride. He’s even been spotted making the occasional biscuits! He’s not quite at full Hakuna Matata yet, but he tells me that he’s learning to enjoy his little pleasures and not to take everything quite so seriously.

Good advice for us all, yeah?

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  1. Simba and Tara, what a pleasure to read about your adventures together at Tabby’s Place! The picture of Simba, peeking out of his beautiful favorite bed at Leah’s beautiful fluffy ladycat belly, is filled with unspoken comment. Leah might even be saying “If you want me, just whistle!” Thank you for keeping us posted about Simba’s wonderful life at Tabby’s Place.

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