Alumble tumble

Alumble tumble

To be loved for who we are — this is what we long for, live for, were put on this earth to taste.

Sometimes, though, we have to stomach counterfeit love before the real thing locks into place.

All’s well on this Ward

Such was the case for two Tabby’s Place alumni in 2017. In separate sad stories, Ward and Edgar were whisked off to would-be forever homes, only to find that “forever” fell short. They were loved, until they weren’t, and then they were back.

But what does that overused-because-it’s-true meme say? Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Don’t believe me? Just watch what happens in WardWorld:

“For starters, Ward goes by Little Bear now. He has taken to city life quite well and found each and every window sill to sit on and watch the world go by. He seems very happy and always greets me when I come home from work.

Little Bear and little buddy Karoo

“He did have a big change when he got a kitten (who was left in a friend’s yard and has been tested and given shots by the vet so he can stay with Little Bear in good health). They are now at the level of playing together, and Little Bear is teaching Kitten Karoo how to be a cat. He is a very good instructor and plays until he is done, then retreats to a high up perch where Karoo cannot get him for some peace and quiet. Our vet said this is perfect adaptive behavior.

“We took out first big adventure to Cape Cod this week…all three of us, Little Bear, Karoo and me in my little Honda Civic, driving through the wind and rain. But, they could not be happier on the Cape. There is so much to explore in the house up here, and bigger windows to stare out. Above you’ll see Little Bear enjoying his enclave on Cape Cod: the beach towel closet. Perfect for naps during stormy weather.

“All is well, all kitties are happy, and I am thrilled to have Little Bear in my life.”

Clearly the feeling is madly, marvelously mutual, Mama Bear.

Behold the face of a feline feasting on forever love.

And what of Edgar, the exuberant black-and-white bolt of bliss who was simply too much much for his first folks? Famiglia Edgar tells the tale:

“Edgar has settled in very comfortably. By the third day, he owned the place!

“He’s been VERY sweet, comes when called, follows me (and Will!) around, lays on my feet if I stand in one place more than 45 seconds, and of course is into everything!

“But, he’s very quick on learning his boundaries. We still disagree on his being on the counter in the middle of dinner preparation, but we’re making progress. He fully understands ‘no’ and ‘get down,’ and he seems to want to be obedient.

“Fellow Tabby’s Place alum Abby (nee Rikki) only growls at him occasionally and is gradually accepting him. She’s not quite ready to eat side by side, but I believe that will come soon, as will her willingness to play chase with him. He’s still the newcomer. But we’ve had no confrontations or incidents.

“Edgar is really a sweet little boy and is totally adorable! He has explored every nook and cranny, and he’s being very good about all of the stuff I have relating to my many collections and hobbies. By the third day, I could pick him up and carry him around like a baby. He lets me do that for maybe three minutes, and then I can tell by his wiggle that it’s time to get down. He hasn’t decided to sit on our laps yet, but he does jump up on the bed when I’m reading, and he rests against my legs and falls asleep.

“I’m looking forward to the day when Abby and Edgar feel comfortable enough to sleep together on the window sill bed over my computer, like Abby and our late Nicky always did. I’m sure, in time, that will happen.

“Abby’s nose was out of joint most of the first week, but she seems to be more like her old self now. She’s such a sweetheart, and for the last several days she’s been back to sleeping on my lap while I read or use my iPad. She was a bit mad at us for bring in an intruder, but she’s now forgiven us!!

“I can’t imagine Edgar being anywhere but here with us. I think this was meant to be!!! He’s a wonderful little boy and we love him so much already!

“Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers for their loving care of all the kitties. I enjoyed so much being able to visit Edgar and many of the other cats in his suite. I also meet a number of staff and volunteers as I was in and out. They all deserve a lot of credit for all the behind the scenes work that they do!”

And you, dear Famiglia Edgar and Mama Bear, deserve cascades of credit for loving these boys, forever-style. We’re rejoicing in Ringoes today because of you!

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  1. Abby and Edgar – two Tabby’s Place cats now living together – forever. It is so wonderful to get updates on former Tabby’s Place cats living with happiness and love. And Little Bear! You handsome boy – you deserve to have this most wonderful life forever. Thank you Angela for posting these happily ever after blogs. This puts a smile on my face – and in my heart!

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