Epilogues: September 2017

Epilogues: September 2017

Quite a lot happened this week in history.

The Feast Day of St. Francis. The Battle of Largs. The births of Gandhi and Vaclav Havel and Sting. The 14th anniversary of Tabby’s Place.

Zaphod is listening.

But before we sink our toes into this awesome October, there’s some Septembering to remember:

Arrived: Vanga, Dudley, Caesar, Squeak, Bubble, Anka, Smokehouse, Maitreya, Andrew, Flan, Xenon, Neon, Argon, Diesel, Pema, Rahula, Jelani, Ellie

Adopted: Bud; Ward; Deej (who joins Enchilada); Cheddar; Torus; Tagalog; Rhea; Plutus; Sebastian; Demeter; Boots; Jingles; Audino; Nippet; Arion & Eubuleus (together); Baxter & Balthazar (together); Funnel Cake; Winda; Bathsheba; Bruce & Balbina (together); Ditto & Dratini (together); Apollo; Nigel; Zeus; Mookiee; Athena, Edgar

Returned: Cleo, Wicket, Gwendolyn

Cleared from Quarantine: Twist, Oliver, Temperance, Ellie

So is Lovey. For the sound of meat.

Banished to Ringworm: Grant

Promoted to the Lobby: Zaphod

Promoted to Heaven: Meatball, Tyke, Beamer, Amphitheus

And now, the month that was yields to the month to be. Join me, kittens; we are, after all, crazy-blessed to live in a world that has Octobers.

Yes, that’s Bucca up in the top thumbnail. Why? Because. That’s why.

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  1. Yes, Bucca – let your little cat light shine over Angela’s office – you have a very important position! Happy Anniversary Tabby’s Place! I have enjoyed reading in the newsletter archives about your early days. Meatball and Tyke, and Beamer and Amphitheus – we are sad to say good-bye to you – Tabby’s Place has a special corner and every other Tabby’s Place cat is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Love to all of you at Tabby’s Place!

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