Epilogues: July 2017

Epilogues: July 2017

Farmers have their markets.

Carnies have their carousels.

And we, we have our kittens by the quintillions.

That’s an exaggeration. That is not an exaggeration at all. We are up to our foreheads in kittens, like helpless plastic figurines plunged into a vat of peanut butter. Which is to say, we don’t mind at all, because it’s actually rather awesome.

I know, I know — we’re stumped as to how Lou was adopted, too. 🙂

Kittens get adopted quicker than peanut butter gets devoured, however, so the news this month is nuclear-fast:

Arrived: Churro, Tyke, Enchilada, Finn, Vito, Tomatillo, Sahara, Wicket, Bozzie, Deej, Mookiee, Winda, Flitchee, Nippet, Coral, Nealy, Opus, Clary, Sox, Demeter, Atticus, Addison, Sebastian, Baxter, Bruce, Balthazar, Balbina, Brenna, Bathsheba, Shea

Adopted: Tristan; Arthur & Isolde (together); Cleo; Rubble; Knight; Quesadilla & Chimichanga (together); Chase; Lancelot; Mara; Finch & Sparrow (together); Juliana; Chatham; Prince Tuesday & Elaina (together); Ryder; Sonja; Danielle; Edgar; Merriweather & Jay (together); Misty; Nike & Reebok (together); Leigh; Cardinal; Antimony; Tankini; Zuma; Tinker & Moana (together); Scuba & Snorkel (together); Buffy & Topanga (together); Lou; Tala; Maui & Sina (together)

Returned: Archer, Ward

Cleared from Quarantine: Lovey, Taco, Tortilla, Churro, Tyke, Vito, Finn, Tomatillo, Sahara, Bozzie and her brood, Nealy, Opus, Clary, Mayo (pictured in top thumbnail)

Banished to Ringworm: Sebastian

Juliana’s adoption concluded her daily Misery Marathon, in which she would circle the (rather large) Community Room table at high speed, yeeeowwwling at high volume, a high number of times, to protest the existence of cats and kittens and creamed corn.

Promoted to the Lounge: Lovey, Vito

Promoted to the Community Room: Mayo, Tyke

Reassigned From The Lounge To The Community Room To Make Mo’ Betta Friends Since the Lounge Cats Deemed Him a Doofus: Puzzle

Promoted to the Kingdom of Jonathan and Sherbet: Sahara

Promoted to Heaven: infant Mufasa, elderly Henrietta

Stuff We Learned: If you launch a Linda Fund, lovers will love lavishly. Thanking you enough is simply not possible. But this train ain’t made it all the way to glory yet, kittens, so please keep giving. Tyke and Trey and all their rad friends need you to remain…well, rad.


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  1. Quesadilla & Chimichanga, adopted together. By The Red Hot Chili Peppers? Thank you, whomever adopted Tankini – and Snorkel – both kitties need a name change! Puzzle, you are not a Doofus! Thank you Angela – love your updates!

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