Love stories: Ace

Most of Team Ewing made quick work of finding forever homes. Tulip, Sweet Pet, Donald and Honeysuckle, we hardly knew ye. But in this extraordinary crew of cats, all rescued from Ewing, NJ, one took his sweet time waiting for his meant-to-be people. Today we are blessed to hear from those worth-waiting-for AwesomeAdopters…Team Ace.

Love stories: Elias

As long as it’s February, it’s still winter. But the cats of Tabby’s Place would like to distract you from that with something shiny: the ongoing march of the Valentine’s month love stories. Today we revel in the magic of a little girl and her meant-to-be orange-and-white guy. Big thanks to Elias’ 12-year-old AwesomeAdopter for […]

Love stories: King

There’s a cat for every home…and a home for every cat. But sometimes, it takes a little finagling to make the right match. King had no problem accumulating minions admirers at Tabby’s Place. How could you not love this chatty, wacky, awesomely imperial guy? Built like Jimmy Stewart but with a personality like Jerry Lewis, […]

Love stories: Luciano

This Valentine’s Day, our loving cup runneth over at Tabby’s Place. The magnificent seven Love Stories made the front page, yes…but those seven slots were several too few to hold all the stories and sweetness of 2010’s adoptions. So, all this Valentine’s month, we’ll be featuring glimmers of true love here on Felis Catus. Settle in […]