Love stories: Ace

Love stories: Ace

ace-2-1-201111Most of Team Ewing made quick work of finding forever homes. Tulip, Sweet Pet, Donald and Honeysuckle, we hardly knew ye.

But in this extraordinary crew of cats, all rescued from Ewing, NJ, one took his sweet time waiting for his meant-to-be people. Today we are blessed to hear from those worth-waiting-for AwesomeAdopters…Team Ace. ace-2-1-2011-5-ace-sleeping

“Ace is the ‘purrfect’ addition to our family, and he certainly enriches our lives.

“Although he is shy and at times still skittish, he has such a great personality. He is so sweet and has never hissed at anyone. In fact we don’t think he really knows how to meow. He makes a squeaking noise, usually to greet the first person up in the morning. His tail becomes electrified and flails when he is happy and excited.

“Ace’s manners are impeccable. He always comes when he is called, even if he was sleeping. He will wait patiently outside a room until the door opens, never crying or scratching. His communication skills are uncanny. He stands near whatever he wants and motions his head to point until one of us catches his drift.

ace-2-1-20112“Inspector Ace is on the job inspecting all incoming packages. Ace mainly works the night shift, patrolling for anything that moves. No more pests with Ace on the case.

“When Ace is not working, he enjoys chasing his laser light, getting chased, biting rawhide shoe laces and getting a buzz from his catnip. He loves to perch on his pedestal by the French doors to watch the wildlife, especially his squirrel friend. He camps out in his makeshift tent in the family room and takes over the most comfortable chair. He also has his pillow, which he leaps upon for his ‘massage-on-demand’ (averaging about five times a day). Of course, Ace watches Animal Planet in his spare time.

Ace viewing Animal Planet
Ace viewing Animal Planet

“It is hard to believe that this great cat could have been euthanized if it weren’t for Tabby’s Place. Ace has certainly made our house full and we are lucky to have him.”

No doubt about it: this is the Ace of hearts, and he’s found the ultimate family to cherish him like the king he is.

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  1. Every time I visited Tabby’s Place while Ace was in residence, he was the one cat in that particular suite who seemed extremely interested in having some kind of conversation with me through the window between the suite and the lobby. He would walk up to the glass, get up on his hind legs, and start non-stop chatting to me on the other side. If I’d had room for more kitties at the time, I would have snapped Ace up in a minute. I’m very glad to hear he got the wonderful home he deserves. 🙂

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