Love stories: Lady Jinx

Love stories: Lady Jinx

a-letter-dsc_1542-2There are kittens, there are cats, and then there’s feline nobility.

It took a family of endless love to elevate Special Needs angel Mrs. Jinx to the position of Lady of the house. 


“This is the story of how Lady Jinx has changed our house into a home.

“In October 2010, my husband and I adopted Lady Jinx. Earlier that year, two of our three cats had passed away. This was so sad, and the quietness in the house made it more painful. Our third cat, Grey, retreated to under the bed.

“We couldn’t bear to think about adopting any more cats because of our sadness. But I kept thinking of all the homeless cats that could use a good home. After a while, I couldn’t resist any more.

“We went to Tabby’s Place looking for a companion for Grey. We also wanted to provide a home for a cat that wasn’t likely to be adopted. That is when we were introduced to Lady Jinx, who is 9 years old and has special dental needs.

a-dsc_1530-2“Something about Lady Jinx just felt like she was the ‘one,’ and we knew we wanted her to join our family.

“Our choice could not have been better. She is such a sweet and good-natured cat. We absolutely love her and feel so lucky that she was there, waiting for us to adopt her.

“Now she follows me around the house and even comes when I call her. She loves to be scratched, and when I stop, she sits up and raises her front paws asking for more! It is so cute and makes me laugh.

“She is even working her charm on Grey. He now comes out from under the bed, and she is winning him over. She is so innocent in her curiosity and in wanting to be his friend.

So thank you, Tabby’s Place, for all you do. Without you we would not have found our Lady Jinx. And today, our house is a home again.”

Lady Jinx is living a life sweeter than anything royalty can bestow. The Queen can keep her crown jewels – Lady Jinx has found her truest treasure.


3 thoughts on “Love stories: Lady Jinx

  1. YAY! I remember meeting Lady Jinx when she was still at Tabby’s Place. What a doll! She reminds me a lot of my own Tara (also a soft, black, Tabby’s Place veteran), and I’m glad she got to go to such a wonderful home with her new friend Grey. 🙂

  2. I had the pleasure of being Special Needs Correspondent for Mrs. Jinx during her residency at Tabby’s Place; many an update was woven around my belief that Mrs. Jinx was a wonderful little princess! I am glad a wonderful family recognized this “nobility” as well!
    While I was sad at her parting from Tabby’s Place, I was thrilled for her opportunity to reign where her truest beauty would shine through-in the comfort and security of a HOME! Congratulations on a wonderful choice, and please give her a hug and kiss from her former Correspondent-I love her so!

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