Love stories: Max

Love stories: Max

img_9055Look: a sleepy kitten bathing in the sunshine.

Now, what was that thing you were worrying about?

img_0299Funny, isn’t it, how one picture, one kitten, can set the world right and throw things back into perspective.

Today we meet a kitten who set the world right for an AwesomeFamily in a class of their own. Every AwesomeAdopter is cooler than cupcakes, but some are so special they deserve their own cat-shaped Medal of Marvelousness.

And in case that sleeping-sunshine photo wasn’t enough, you’re in for a treat; this tale’s a two-fer.

“I remember that beautiful morning as if it was yesterday.

“We packed our cat, Jack*, into the car. Our hearts were bursting with excitement thinking about how although three of us would leave, four of us would return.

“Ninety minutes later we arrived at Tabby’s Place and Danielle opened the door to the “apartment,” which was filled with energetic little bundles of joy.

“How can we pick just one? was the question going through our minds.

The truth is that Apollo picked us. The sweet baby with brown stripes hopped right into my lap, put his two front paws onto my shoulders and stole my heart right then and there.

img_0366And now, seven months later, Apollo (who we named Max) is sitting on my lap as I type this, his soft purr making my heart melt on this chilly February night.

“We are so lucky to have had this sweet boy pick us as his forever home. Our little family of four couldn’t be happier or more thankful for each other and for Tabby’s Place.”

Some questions are so obvious they ask themselves: What’s better than one cherished Tabby’s Place kitten sleeping in the sunshine?

Take two.

Yes, if Jack looks a tad familiar, you’ve got an eagle eye: it’s fellow alumnus Beauford.

Shine up that Medal of Marvelousness, AweomeFamily. You’re worth all the cupcakes Casa Tabby.

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