Love stories: Titan

Love stories: Titan

titan-condoIt’s been an epic February, thanks to a few fine felines and their AwesomeAdopters.

So how do we finish out this stretch of swoonworthy love stories? Only with one of Titanic proportions.

titan-blanky-cuteBut unlike that ill-fated steamer, this Titan is literally unsinkable. Such is the result when you find a family with a superabundance of grace and love.

“The Titan Story is a true love story.

“From the moment we first met Titan at Tabby’s Place, to his homecoming to our Klinesville home, our love for him continues to deepen each day. In fact he is curled up in my lap purring loudly as I write ‘his’ story.

“Titan is a source of unending joy to Mr. AwesomeAdopter and me. He has it all: grace, charm, agility, and beauty. He likes to be held and petted. He loves to chase his ball and toys all around our home with the unique Titan zoom! We love his expressive eyes, his curiosity, his energy, his playfulness, his willfulness, and even his mischievous ways.

Titan and big bro Jean Valjean

“Titan has ‘warmed’ his way into his elder cat brother’s heart. Even though Titan and Jean Valjean roughhouse, they also kiss and groom one another. Our friends love Titan. Our neighbors love Titan. Our family loves Titan. Mom calls him her ‘doll baby,’ and Dad calls him ‘the new kid.’

“Titan loves to explore our home and never misses an opportunity to sit in an open windowsill in the warm weather or look out the window in the cooler weather. He loves watching what is going on outside – a scurrying squirrel, a chirping bird, a butterfly, a tree blowing in the wind, the shining sun, the rain or snow.

“Gentle yet tenacious, he is an important member of our family. Strong in character, he exemplifies his name perfectly.

titan-fireplaceEach and every day Titan makes us smile. Each and every day Titan cuddles with us. Each and every day we tell Titan how much we love him. Titan is so handsome and has a beautiful soul.

“We love Titan and are proud to be his parents.”

And we are proud – and grateful – to be in the orbit of such love as yours, Family of Titanic Love. Every soul should be so treasured as this beautiful boy. Every day is Valentine’s Day casa Titan, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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  1. All the best to Titan and his forever family. As I read all these lovely stories, I can’t help but think that for so many of the residents there, Tabby’s Place is just the starting point of a love filled future.

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