Epilogues: March 2024

Epilogues: March 2024

Oh, March, you month of missed opportunities.

You talk about lions, lambs, and leprechauns, but you overlook the one creature on earth who is simultaneously all three.

You make much of March Madness, but dribble right past its experts.

Kittens, March! Cherish the Kittens!

Maybe you were too busy giving pep talks to daisies and daffodils. We understand.

But it’s a good thing we’re here. Someone has to Cherish these Kittens.

They are the charmers counting on more than luck. They are the Fortune Cookies born for sweetness. They are the meaning of springtime … and if you’ve been meaning to help them, this is your lovely moment.

In all seriousness, dear hearts, all the tiny faces are turning to you just now. We are in the fuzzy heart of our all-important Cherish the Kittens Fund Drive, and your donation will be doubled.

This is life-saving time. Kittens may (not incorrectly) consider themselves the strongest lions in the land, but they are also ferociously fragile.

Tabby’s Place kittens are the littlest of the little, since we take those babies with the biggest needs. We won’t turn away orphans, newborns, or Special Needs smidgens…

…but we need you.

And now, may we take a few paces back before marching forth to April:

Arrived: Chickity, Waffle, Batty, Smokey, Almond, Oat, Soy, Jupiter, Bella, Saturn, Ganymede, Callisto, Io, Europa, Skye, Sweetie, Sasha, Neptune, Leo, Apricot, Unicorn, Alexander, Amaryllis, Titan, Prometheus, Steinbeck, Clover, Theia, Jamie, Shelby

Adopted: Raisin; Rumi & Blue (together); Harvey & Shelley (together! YES! I AM YELLING! YES! MORE DETAILS TO COME SOON!); Stravinsky & Chopin (together); Bach; Vivaldi; Roy; Beethoven; Elijah (INDEED!); Hashbrown & Oswald (TOGETHER! YES! ALL OF SUITE E IS YELLING!); Hibou; Delinda; Lincoln & Delaney (together); Eric; Fantasia (by our beloved Dr. C, who has tenderly fostered Fantasia since kittenhood); Ruby & Jakob; Pierre (OUI! BIEN SUR!)

Promoted to the Community Room: Rick Catsley, Evelyn, Selena, Pol

Promoted to the Lobby: Cora

Promoted to Heaven: Callisto, Antin

Stuff We Learned: Every life is worth every ounce of love we have to give. Funny thing: the more we give away, the more we find back in our laps at the end of the day.

So let’s love bravely, beautiful people. May this be an April our innocent kittens will never forget.

Pictured top to bottom: Fantasia, Ganymede, Otis, Delaney, Rumi, Europa

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