Love stories: King

Love stories: King

king-840-5-30-2010-10-54-59There’s a cat for every home…and a home for every cat. But sometimes, it takes a little finagling to make the right match.

King had no problem accumulating minions admirers at Tabby’s Place. How could you not love this chatty, wacky, awesomely imperial guy? Built like Jimmy Stewart but with a personality like Jerry Lewis, King was a catch…but not a match for every home. So it is with special joy that I hand the microphone to King’s forever subjects – er, family.

“With a name like King, we should have known better.

King whooping it up Casa Forever
King whooping it up Casa Forever

We liked the fact that King is a self-confident cat. The ride home from Tabby’s Place was very quiet; there was no nervous crying. Instead, King’s carrier was filled with the silence of anticipation.

Once King came home with us, his presence was immediately felt. He appointed himself not only king of the cats but king of the house. I think we encouraged his regal behavior by purchasing an Armarkat tower, complete with a brown fur basket identical to the basket he’d loved so much at Tabby’s Place.

In an attempt to overthrow the king, we renamed him Spencer. However, we know he will always be known as King, so once in a while we refer to him as King Spencer.

When Spencer was hungry, he’d open the closet and then his food container, and help himself, until we changed things around. We still love him. Forget about leaving bread on the counter – Spencer will help himself. We love him, crumbs and all.

We don’t have to worry about locking Spencer in a room by accident, as he can open doors — even doors he is not supposed to. But we still love him.

If he needs more room on any raised surface, no problem — he can clear it off himself. A few broken items later, we still love him.

King Spencer with new sibling Gunther, in his basket
King Spencer with new sibling Gunther, in his basket

When Spencer decided to attack our oldest cat on sight, it caused a lot of stress to our house, but we still love him.

Then there are the times he decides your lap looks inviting, or he wants to play with your hair, which makes it easier to love him so much.

He is our three year-old kitten, very energetic, very curious, and very lovable.”

Subjects of the Kingdom, it’s gloriously clear - King will always love you, too.

8 thoughts on “Love stories: King

  1. I love seeing King Spencer in his little fur basket! That is how I remember him from Suite B. I am so glad to see his adorable face again and know that he is so happy!!!

  2. King sounds like quite the stealth kitty. He knows exactly what he wants, and he knows exactly how to get it. I’m glad this gorgeous boy found a forever family who can appreciate all of his hidden talents just the way they are. 🙂

    (P.S. I still haven’t figured out how cats get into that basket feature on the Armarkat tower. My kitties would all have a tough time managing the finesse for that, I think! LOL.)

  3. Oh how wonderful!!!! How interesting to learn he can open doors and feed himself! 😉 I have a cat who also “clears” the coffee table of unwanted clutter. Hooray for King Spener and his tolerant and loving forever family!

  4. Always brightens my day when things work out as they should!
    Congratulations King and family!

    I love the name too, Tabby’s Place needs another King.


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