Ladylike worries, or lack thereof

Ladylike worries, or lack thereof

110110-lady-grey-2When is bad news not really bad news?

When it’s that Lady Gaga’s latest outfit is not available in stores. No, no, that’s not what I mean.

The not-so-dire bad news of the moment is about a very different sort of Lady (although she might be willing to wear an all-meat dress): Lady Grey.

There’s no way this doesn’t sound like Very Very Bad News: Lady Grey’s cancer has, indeed, made it to her other ear. We do not approve of cancer that goes the extra mile, but it’s gone and done so without our permission.

optimized-110204The doctors are thinking it would be unwise and unkind to attack this thing surgically: unwise, because it’s unlikely we’d get it all; unkind, because the recovery from the surgery would be brutal on our delicate 6-pound Lady.

Pretty bad, right? Depressing. el Stinko. All of the above.


Right…and wrong.

It’s all certainly worrisome…but not, in fact, quite worrifull.

It turns out that this particular type of cancer is no sprinter. Apparently, it grows so slowly that our Lady may have a long span – even a very long span – of comfort, ostensibly good health and Adoption Room 3 joy to come. This beastie may have been hanging out in Lady Grey’s ears for a long time now, and it may do so for a long time more, without doing anything more than making us worry.

But about that – maybe we shouldn’t. Not because we don’t adore Lady Grey (we do) and wish she had cancerless ears (oh, boy, do we ever)…but because worrying might not be the best way to love her. To paraphrase Someone much wiser than me: which of us, by worrying, can add even an hour to Lady Grey’s life (or our own, for that matter)?

So a pox on worry and anxiety too. With that cleared out of our emotional closets, we can make some more room for love and smooshing. Lady Grey is still not 100% sure she likes the smooshing part of the equation, but we’re getting there. And this little grey Lady is loved straight from her toes to the tips of her ears – whatever may be going on inside them.

4 thoughts on “Ladylike worries, or lack thereof

  1. It has spread to her other ear, but we still have a very comfortable, calm, and cherished cat who probably still has years of love to give and get at Tabby’s Place.

  2. We’re sorry that her diagnosis wasn’t cancer free, but glad she has a shot at a long life still. And may we say – you have the best style of writing. So positive and uplifting.

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