April brought us a movie based on the classic arcade game Rampage.

April brought us Fred, Dino and Snoop.

There are no coincidences.

Just a friendly Dinosaur

Fred, Dino and Snoop are three (that is, greater than two but less than four) cats.

Fred, Dino and Snoop are collectively 63 pounds of cat, distributed fairly evenly.

Fred, Dino and Snoop are ready to reenact a scenario in which three gigundo monsters reduce cities to rubble by climbing, eating and punching things. Minus the climbing and punching. Because Fred, Dino and Snoop may look like colossal genetically-modified gorillas, but they are 100% marshmallow. If they be monsters, they are mushmonsters.

Of epic proportions.

We’ll talk more about Snoop (pictured in top thumbnail) and Dino(saur) in the near future. But today, let’s feast with one Fred Rosenberg. We think this superb slab of felinity may have been named for Fred Rogers, because he wants to make you his neighbor the moment you touch him. With a purr that would reduce cities to rubble, this larger than life love-beast is all affection, all the time.

You might expect that, after all these years, the grizzled, wizened Tabby’s Place staff would be immune to the impulse to Adopt Every Cat. But every so often, along comes a kitty who captures us all, leaving level-headed staffers sighing, “I want Fred! I neeeeeeeeeed Fred!”

Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Wont you be our Fredster?

We are collectively reduced to rubble, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But Fred is no singular-species sweetheart. There’s room in his humongoid heart for all creatures. If he were Mr. Rogers, he’d be hugging everyone from Daniel Striped Tiger to Dr. Duckbill Platypus to Mr. McFeely. If he were Rampage Creature #1, he’d be kissing rather than consuming hordes of humans and Hondas. And he’s our Fred, so he’s loving the stuffing out of humans and cats alike.

Especially one cat.
This mister has a sister…and there are zero driblets of sibling rivalry to be seen.

Fred came to Tabby’s Place with sister Flossie, a diabetic beauty of immense elegance and grace. Like Fred, Floss is a love-gobbler living in our Lounge. Like Fred, Flossie lost her human to death, but still defiantly delights in life. Like Fred, Flossie is the kind of cat we’re all about at Tabby’s Place. (Give us your diabetic, your obese, your bereaved masses yearning to breathe love…)

Flossie digs Fred. Fred loves Flossie.

Flossie daily.

If ever the other diabetic divas of the Lounge should step on Flossie’s tiny toes, you can bet Fred will step up and speak up. If ever Flossie should fear a loud sound or a too-quiet night, you can be sure Fred will be there. And if ever Flossie should face medical miseries, you know Fred’s love will get louder and surer and truer than ever before.

We had unfortunate occasion to witness this recently, as Flossie had a mysterious medical crisis. Our tuxedo treasure began open-mouth breathing, a universally bad sign in cats. Combined with a fever and a hard lymph node on her neck, that was reason enough to rush her to Dr. Fantastic, our friendly neighborhood emergency vet. An ultrasound revealed abnormal tissue in Flossie’s throat, most likely abnormal inflammation…or lymphoma.

Fred ached for his favorite sister, moping at the back of a cat tree until her return.

And when Flossie was back in business? Fred was back in bliss.

Flossie’s medical rampage ended happily, as biopsies revealed inexplicable, but un-freak-out-worthy, inflammation. Cancer-free and cured of her mystery ailment, this sweet sister could carry on being cherished, by Fred and fawning humans alike.

You can’t weigh that kind of devotion on any scale known to man or cat.

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  1. Wow, how sweet. You have to love a cat that is devoted to another cat. (Flossie daily. I love that.) Both Fred and Flossie sound like really great cats. Here’s hoping for love and happiness in their future.

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