Guest post: Lovecraft kitties

Guest post: Lovecraft kitties

If you aren’t familiar with J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele (in alphabetical order to be fair), now is a good time to get up to speed.

G’head…I’ll wait.

Okay, got the basics? Now, what about H.P. Lovecraft? Take your time; I’ve got nothing but time at the moment.

Done? Good.

You may not have a good sense of Cthulhu‘s impact within the shimmering sphere of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Rest assured, Lovecraft had to know a thing or three about cats. Whether he lived with any or liked them, well, never mind.

Cthulhu, Frankenstein’s monster, the Borg, Mr. Hyde…none of them hold a candle or a jack-o-lantern to Mr. Dracula or any Tabby’s Place cat, nor any other cats for that matter. Daleks? Please.

As much as we love them, how many times and in how many ways have cats been the causes of near-death experiences? And that’s without considering claws, teeth, and natures red with both. They jump us out of our skin on a regular basis, then they do that eerie look-off-into-the-distance thing. I think they’re contacting the mother ship.

Most of these funny little monsters in our midst are of a peculiarly cuddly type, like Steven (pictured here), Simon, and Snoop. Many are a bit temperamental, like Olive and Archer. Some still are shy, nervous, and scared. If they lash out, it’s because they need understanding and careful approach.

H.P. Lovecraft created monsters and stories that terrify. Personally, I think he took a few truths and ran wild with them.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. The thrill of a good horror story is unbeatable, except by the thrill of breaking through to a terrified little monster and ending up with a adorable, fluffy mush.

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  1. Steven! Do you know you are famous in Florida? Long before the other orange cats became noticed. You had me at Day 1 when you hid inside the couch while everyone called your name and searched. You want sci-fi? Old school, Star Trek. I wish I could step into the transporter and say “Scotty! Beam me to Tabby’s Place!”

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