Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Looking Over Clover

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Looking Over Clover

In American pop culture, four-leafed clovers have inspired superstitions, song performances, and breakfast cereal shapes. At Tabby’s Place, it’s a very young cat named Clover who does the inspiring, simply by being herself. Looking over at Clover, giving her the once-over, eyeing her up and down, no one would ever guess what lies beneath. Playing with Clover, or, even better, watching Clover play with a wand toy that is on the other side of a glass wall would not yield a single clue. Overlooking Clover as she explores and examines would not provide the barest hint. Of what exactly?

Clover is FeLV+. Without the results of a specific test, nobody would ever surmise that such a negative positive exists within the body of this active, adorable, and recent addition to Quinn’s Corner.

And, speaking of Quinn’s Corner (Always!), the humans of Tabby’s Place are not the only ones looking over Clover. Sammy prefers to look over at Clover from a distance. “Clover, go over yonder,” Sammy says. Yet, Clover’s curiosity brings her a bit nearer than yonder, which is closer than Sammy would prefer. Sammy repeats herself. Rebuffed, Clover remains undaunted.

On the other hand, when Oram looks closely over Clover, he sees a miniature version of himself, spoiled only by the lack of a white tip on her tail. Oram is just ever so slightly disdainful of perfectly black tails.


Meanwhile, for their parts, Tucker and Charles have not yet demonstrated particular interest in this little addition to their club – at least, not in front of me. And, for his part, Trifecta is completely oblivious to any cats outside of his suite, even the would-be playmate who can’t resist the swing of his wand toys.

For her part, Clover is only almost an adult. Her brain is hardwired: KITTEN. Her size is writ large: KITTEN. The black sheen of her fur screams out: VOID. And, Clover screams out: CHICKEN, which is the way of all voids of the black cat variety.

Spending time with them in their suite and, when it’s their turn, in the Quinn’s Corner Lobby, provides ample opportunity for engaging with Clover and her suitemates and looking over their interactions and getting glimpses into their habits.

It is not yet clear, though, if Clover will become as dashing as Charles, making it past persons and through doors in a flash. Opportunities have been limited to discover if Clover is as displeased with brushes  as Sammy (chin scritches excepted). Will Clover ever be as interested in wrestling as the big boys, Tucker and Oram? Or, will she learn to give them a wide berth when it’s time for the next honbasho?

Even older kittens, as they grow into young cats, bristle with energy and zest. A FeLV+ diagnosis does nothing to change that. Said diagnosis has also done nothing to change Clover’s opinion of herself (FABULOUS!) or the world around her (FASCINATING!). Nor should said diagnosis affect anyone’s opinion of Clover. One only has to look over at Clover to see a cheerful, engaged, playful feline who is brimming with joie de vivre.

Yes, Clover’s immune system might be different from cats who are not FeLV+. Yet, there is no reason to expect anything except the best of everything for this tiny cat who exhibits the full gravitational pull of a supermassive black hole. We are in her orbit, and when we look over at Clover, we are grateful to be along for her journey. As for Clover, she is as lucky as a leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold, and that’s no blarney.

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