Guest post: Zesty: It takes Tootie to tango

Guest post: Zesty: It takes Tootie to tango

If the name Tootie transports you back to the 1980s, rife with oversized shirts, New Wave music, and BIG HAIR, you’re probably thinking of a very specific Tootie.

You’re likely thinking of a specific TV show, one that introduced some of us to the concept of prep schools and their requisite uniforms. That particular show also introduced many of us to George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, not to mention Kim Fields, who portrayed the iconic, gossipy, adorable character Tootie.

That has nothing to do with this (well, not unless that was the naming inspiration).

This is, in fact, all about Tootie, the two-ish Tabby’s Place tortie. Prepare to be dazzled, but not necessarily by my words.

Ignoring Elliot takes tortitude

Tootie glitters and gleams and glows. She’s honeysuckle, hickory, and hubris in a helix of happiness. She also has a lot to teach about the facts of life at Tabby’s Place, due to her successful navigation of such things as the Elliot-ness (very distinct from Eliot Ness) of everything. Now, this divine little tortie has not shared personal feelings on the subject, but, oh, the look on her face when Elliot’s antics have brought him too near Tootie’s personal space!

Unique expression of confusion (perhaps peppered with the tiniest iota of disdain) aside, Tootie is nothing but tortalicious. Accepting of human foible and tolerant of feline foible, Tootie is an exemplar of dignity (hee hee hee; dignified kitty? Did I write that?).

Toodles to Tootie as she tangos off into the sunset

Perhaps, the thoughts that run through our furry young friend’s head have followed along these lines: You insist upon relocating me here? I’ll not shred you. You insist on attempting to interest me with your toys? I shall watch you with curiosity. You wish to pet me? Perceive the lofty heights of my tail and my gentle purr. Elliot, exactly WHAT are you doing? I shall back away and provide you with the requisite space for you to be you in that space over there, a bit farther away from me.

The key thing to note about Tootie is her youth. She is growing and will change in ways both obvious and subtle. Youth assisted with her ready adaptation to the unique rhythms of Tabby’s Place, especially in suite B.

Having learned what she could about the facts of feline life at Tabby’s Place, she will finish growing up in a forever home, treasured and treated as all cats. We onlookers are fortunate to watch Tootie tango straight out the door into welcoming arms.  Maybe we’ll get even luckier: perhaps Tootie will actually learn to tango.

While we will be busily not holding our breath for a video recital, Tootie will be adapting to some big changes that we know she will face with fortitude and tortitude.

And in case you’re in need of a reminder of what it’s like to be in Tootie’s position — young, strong, in a new environment, trying to figure out which part of the puzzle is waiting for you to lock into place — here’s a concise guide that would surely get Tootie’s stamp of approval.

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