Epilogues: April 2022

Epilogues: April 2022

April, April, you merry little month.

You bring us wicker baskets of blossoms, and wry wailing winds to whirl them all away.

You bring us Jonathan’s birthday (let the reader understand: this is your official permission to pelt him with “happy birthday” donations to the Capital Campaign, with bonus points if you address him as Your Supreme Kindness and/or King Of All Shmoldies).

You bring us war and worry and piecemeal peace.

You bring us things CAPITAL! and confounding.

You bring us travesty in our own backyard, namely the fact that 0/100 Tabby’s Place cats were invited to assist when 40,000 pounds of chicken nuggets were spilled onto a local roadway. (I swear I am not making this up.)

Most of all, you “bring it,” in the sense of bring it on, bring it home, bring it ’til we sing in perfect harmony of the thing that matters most.

Which is to say, love. By which I mean, cats.

April done brung it:

Arrived: Lucius, Nagini, Severus, Salazar, Gossamer, Florence, Rashida, Miyoko, Crinkle Bob (yes we have a cat named Crinkle Bob YES CRINKLE BOB YES I AM YELLING), Bao, Kimchi, Pho, Eggroll

Arrived in the Shipping Container of Another Cat (that is, born on the premises to one Peekaboo): Marbles, Goose, Duck, Hopscotch

Adopted: Cole, Marjory, Hagrid, Albus, Tootie, Bear, Tahoe, Addie, Matteo, Velma, Vail, Citrine

Cleared from Ringworm: Boom

Returned: Citrine (and readily, righteously readopted), Dietrich, Garbo

Promoted to the Lobby: Hips

Promoted to the Community Room: Infinity

Dolloped Like Cool-Whip Into The Development Office: Harold

Rest in peace, baby boy

Promoted to Heaven: Severus

Stuff We Learned: If you launch a Capital Campaign, the kindest people in all the worlds will manifest like magical butterflies, flapping mercy into the lonely sky. Which is to say, thank you all for your outrageous generosity and colossal compassion. Keep it coming. We’ve got miles to go before we hit the goal. The cats are counting on both you and May to bring it.

Pictured top to bottom: Miyoko, Garbo, Harold, Hips, Infinity, Severus

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  1. April brought us baseball! Watching baseball in the afternoons while reading blogs from Tabby’s Place and face book entries is heaven … and allows us to celebrate the victory of Quinn’s Corner!

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