Guest post: Revivification

Guest post: Revivification

This just in: spending more time in a CVS than I’ve spent cumulatively over the past 15,000 years (2 hours waiting in line with my mom for her 2nd vaccine) was revivifying.

Wait. What!?

Yes! Truth!

This extrovert was totally in her element for the first time since the beforetime.

So much so, I provided my fellow queuehabitants with something of a one-woman show, including:

Mr. Thief, doing his thing (we have it on good authority this blue mouse rightfully belongs to Van McCoy)
  • The Solo Wave (really, more of a droplet)
  • The Solo The Hustle
    • Me: Does anybody remember The Hustle?
      Eli’s Grandmother (We met and played indoor football and monkey-in-the-middle with a very bored 10-year-old): You’re showing your age.
      Me: My hair is showing my age!
  • …and a few other solo antics, plus a brief dual flirtation with The Alley Cat, performed along with my niece.

As it were, aside from my crew, that place was so freakin’ MUNDANE! The store was older than the dirt it was built on and desperately in need of a refresh. The customers needed a refresh, too. Everyone needed a little extra something, and, I dearly hope, a little part of that something was provided by yours truly.

C’mon, get J’Happy (with guest appearance by BFF Mr. Thief)

A moment ago, it seemed impossible to be that comfortable spending that much time near that many people. But, we were all carefully masked, all watching our distance, all united in purpose, all intent on getting through THIS, and all understanding that the only way through is together.

So, there we were, and I was quite literally dancing in the aisles – yes, even The Chicken Dance. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!! (Somebody please invent a more exciting punctuation mark. Maybe something with a little wiggle in it.)

It’s true that today included a good deal of chocolate consumption. After all, we had to go all the way out to East Stroudsburg, so coming home to New Jersey via Josh Early Candies (HEAVEN!) in Bethlehem was a no-brainer (lucky for me – HA!). True, there was more than a little caffeine consumed in the morning, too, thanks to the good folks at Homestead.

But, in fact, the full force of this lightning bolt of a day came from an extrovert being in her element for the first time in 2 bajillion generations. I am, in full, real fact, THE modern Prometheus. I’ve been zapped! Zapped back into life because of the storm that is the now. Frankenstein’s monster, move over!

This wonderful, refreshing revivification of spirit, and of unity of purpose, is exactly what we Tabby Placers have coming to us all..and very, very soon. It’s in the air! The time is ALMOST NOW!! MY WHOLE ENTIRE EVERYTHING IS ELECTRIFIED!! As our fabulous Angela would say, YES, I AM YELLING!! (Really, please some help with the punctuation – my keyboard is such a downer.)

This reviving effect is hardly limited to the now-glorified CVS. It is kitten season, people, and nothing nor no one has bounce in the step the way a kitten does.

And, it’s not just steps. Enthusiasm is the thing. Thief enthusiastically licks hair. Thief’s buddy J’Happy is a thief who enthusiastically steals tissues out of pockets. (See below.) Their exploits give us a taste of what is coming.

Before we know it, before we can really prepare ourselves, it will be here.

Tabby’s Place will reopen to us.

The building will bustle with new life.

The old ways will come back as if they never left, but they will come with a new spirit, a new kick to the step, a new step to the dance.

We might be afraid now, but we will be revived and revivified, and it’s going to be AMAZING!!!

(C’mon, where is that new punctuation already?)

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