Guest post: Duckspectations

Guest post: Duckspectations

Editor’s note: The following post comes your way from the grand Famiglia di Ducky. May we heed The Duck’s call to marvel and rejoice at the cats and humans who duck our expectations. Life — and Ducky — are so much more complicated and magical than we first imagine… — A.H.

“We were instantly charmed when we saw Ducky’s photo and bio on the Tabby’s Place website and totally hooked when we met him in Suite C. On each of our pre-adoption visits, Ducky, a mostly black, gorgeously whiskered, white mittened and very, very large boy, gave hearty head nuzzles and roaring purrs.

I had visions of Ducky sitting on my lap and showing off his loving personality to everyone who entered my home. He had all the makings of a cat ‘bro.’

After one year, I can honestly say my hopes for The Duck, as we call him, are still far off – and indeed, might never become reality. Also honestly: But if we knew before adoption what we now know about Ducky, we absolutely, 100 percent, would have still brought him into our home.

Ducky is a shy guy. Very shy. Yes, he head butts like a billy goat, but only for me. He loves chin skritches and being petted (again, only for me), sometimes up to 20 minutes at a stretch, with his soft paw reaching out to protest when the sessions end.

(True confession: The task of loading up Ducky for vet visits falls to my husband, who describes the process as “wrestling an otter.” This might be why I am Duck’s default favorite.)

The only “lapping” Ducky does is out of the water dish. He skitters instead of swaggers, scooting away when other family members are in his presence for too long, and visitors are lucky if they catch a glimpse of his magnificent whiskers.

By no means is Ducky our alpha cat, a distinction that belongs to the loud, madcap and quirky mama-to-all Trixie (formerly known as Tesseract), who we adopted from Tabby’s Place at the same time.

We’re still working on easing Ducky’s fears, a little at a time. In the meanwhile, Ducky loves us in the best way he knows how – allowing an extra pat from someone lower on his favorites list; lingering with us in the living room; even a tentative paw on a lap. We’ll take what he has to offer, knowing he does so with his whole timid heart. That’s what being brave is.

Instead of us being disappointed, to steal shamelessly from Billy Joel, Ducky, we love you just the way you are.”

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  1. Oh, Duckyfamily – you are wonderful. To allow this (and both) kitty to be and develop in his own way, to be the most kitty that he is. You say “Ducky loves us in the best way he knows how – We’ll take what he has to offer, knowing he does so with his whole timid heart.” How sweet. These kitties are living the best life ever – and I know you and your family are loving every minute.

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