Epilogues: June 2019

Epilogues: June 2019

Summer is serious business. Its questions are timeless:

Whatever happened to Frozfruit?
Will the song of the summer be “Juice,” “Sucker” or “Old Town Road”?
Where have all the kittens gone?

Jacob jumps for June

I’m still struggling with the first two, but I can answer #3 with joy: they have all been adopted, all of them, and promptly replaced by new kittens, who require your immediate attention and adoption.

It is, after all, Catmas in July.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s jump for June:

Arrived: Zofie; Marzipan; Bubs; Pom Pom; Trogdor; Liam; Nina; Inigo Montoya; Luca; Cholula; Hollandaise; Aioli; Ralph; Bast; Timmie

Adopted: Zofie; Marsala; Toto; Rowena; Philbert; Praline; Tornado; Okoye (pictured in header); Ramonda

Returned: Hunts, Hamsa

Nina casts a vote for Nina…and so do we all.

Promoted to the Community Room: Nina

Promoted to the Lobby: Dani

Promoted to Heaven: Agent Carter; Jimmy; Skye; Jaguar

Stuff we learned: The Lobby is a finite forum, incapable of containing infinite greatness. Attempting to place both Nina and Dani in a limited, earthbound space was simply too much magic for however-many square feet to manage. So, rather than let the Lobby collapse like a neutron star, we moved Nina into the Community Room. Grandeur properly distributed; universe saved from certain doom; Tabby’s Place gets things done.

And, while we’re at it, let’s jump for June, too. Summer on, my little sparklers.

June gets her July on.

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  1. Thank you for this update. Always glad to greet new arrivals and celebrate adoptions – Toto, are you in Kansas now!! Everybody needs their own Tornado! Have done some deep thinking about the song of this summer. Here is my vote. If I’m shining, everybody’s gonna shine, like a tatoo on my brain, gonna ride till – can’t nobody tell me nuthin! (Although it’s hard to beat The Jonas Brothers). And we will always remember Agent Carter, Jimmy, Skye – and little old feisty lady Jaguar. Like the summer, gone too soon.

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