Guest Post: Forever Loved, Jimmy

Guest Post: Forever Loved, Jimmy

Oh, kittens, are you in for a tender, heart-tearing treat today. If you know mega-volunteer Ilene from our Facebook page, where she frequently shares our cats’ adventures, you already know that she is one of the kindest stars ever to warm our world. Her sun shone bright on our Jimmy, and today we all have the honor of basking in their bond. Thank you for this glimpse into the love you shared, Ilene. – A.H.

“Human relationships are very similar to the relationships that you have with cats.  When I first met Jimmy in Suite A, he was very shy and scared.  My initial visits were spent trying to catch a glimpse of him in the shadows, with his handsome face and bright eyes visible. Jimmy had a surprised expression on his face, as though he walked in on his own surprise birthday party.  I often wondered if he had a body.

Our relationship progressed to me watching Jimmy slowly come out of hiding.  I received an occasional smack if Jimmy needed his space.  Little smacks did not deter me from my mission.  I was in awe of Jimmy’s pure white paws and the distinctive white tip on his tail.

Our relationship grew, and I began calling Jimmy ‘my Tabby’s Place boyfriend.’  My husband and our cat, Dax, were fine with Jimmy being my boyfriend.

Each time I arrived at Tabby’s Place, I made a beeline to Suite A to see Jimmy.  Our visits became longer, and one glorious day he ventured over to my lap, laid comfortably, and purred.  I thought I was in heaven.

As the weather became warmer, Jimmy discovered the outdoor solarium.  I was so happy to see him laying in the sun, breathing in the fresh air, and looking so very happy.  I sat down in the solarium chair, and in a split second, Jimmy came over to me and claimed my lap.  I was his, and he was mine.

Not soon after our solarium visit, Jimmy fell ill.  His weight dropped dramatically, and the staff was concerned. In a short period of time, Jimmy was taken by FIP, a horrible virus which strikes hard, strikes fast, and has no cure.  I was able to spend time with Jimmy before he headed to heaven.  I recounted all the wonderful times we had together, and how much I loved him.  My hands gently held Jimmy as he took his last breaths, surrounded by Tabby’s place staff and volunteers.

Rest in peace my sweet, handsome boyfriend Jimmy.  You are gone, but you will be in my heart forever.”

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  1. Oh, this is heavy on my heart. Jimmy was so loved. We are so honored to get to know the wonderful cats of Tabby’s Place and to enjoy their daily lives through this blog and Facebook. We are also so honored to be there as they leave this world, surrounded by Tabby’s Place love and tears. And our love and tears, also. Bless you, sweet Jimmy – thank you Ilene, thank you Tabby’s Place, for making our lives richer.

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