Getting all our Duckies in a row

Getting all our Duckies in a row

Having Ducky at Tabby’s Place was ducky.

Nay, it was more. It was supra-ducky. Uber-ducky. So transcendent of ducky it was Ducky with a capital D.

But having Ducky adopted — with one transcendentally cool Tesseract, no less — was the Duckiest of all.

Do not, however, take that from me. Not when the very DuckTessFamily of Fabulosity is here to speak for their own ducky darlings:

“Here are some photos and a quick update on The Duck and Trixie (formerly Tesseract).

“As you might have heard, our first weekend together was spent fishing Trixie and (briefly) Ducky out from behind a wall. Of all the cats we’ve had, Trix is the first to wedge herself through a three-inch space to get behind the wall. First two or three small holes were made, through which Ducky then entered. After four hours and much of our family room wall hacked apart, all was well. We were planning to paint anyway.

Ducky on the couchy.

“Trixie has a hearty appetite and loves to sing the song of her people (meows in the middle of the night). She loves to swirl around us and accepts pets, and especially enjoys looking out the window. Safe spot: Top of our closet. Adjustment to new name: Pretty good…probably thinks her full name is TrixieKittyKittyComeHere.

“Ducky, the king of headbutts, loves to greet us and then accept pets and scritches. He is eating well, but perhaps has the choosier palate. Very sweet — gently gets our attention with a paw if he wants even more scritches. Safe spot: Under our bed.

“Integration with house life and the pixie better known as Piper: Both seem comfortable with the lower level of our house; use the litter box; and, as mentioned, eat and drink well. Ducky and Trix are starting to explore the upper level, primarily at night, when things are quieter. Ducky seemed pleased with the picture window in our living room.


“But…as mentioned, we have a three-year-old sprite kitty named Piper. She is in respectful awe of the Stud(less) Muffin, Ducky. As for Piper and Trixie, well, we haven’t seen such cold stares since Dynasty, but no overall blow-ups. So far, they’ve kept it to respectful distance and the occasional soft hiss (translation: “Bless Your Heart”) from our Dixie Pixie.”

Wedged in walls?
Waging dynastic warfare?
Loved unconditionally through it all?

Everything sure sounds Ducky to us. Thank you for giving these goofballs the life of their dreams, DuckTessFam!

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  1. Thank you wonderful adopters! What a heart warming update. Ducky Ducky yup yup yup! Predicting many years of love and happiness for all involved. Life will never be boring when you have adopted from Tabby’s Place!

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