Serenity now

Serenity now

In a billion-dollar skincare industry, the concept of serenity looms large.

Calm your acne. Calm your pores. Calm your insecurities about the imperfections we took the liberty of inventing for you.

Serena isn’t buying it.

As part of the Virginia crew that also included Jimmy and Wilbur, Serena is made of tough stuff. Alas, the same can’t be said for her skin.

In her Life Before, Serena was apparently dodging fleas at every turn. Now, I’m all for compassion for every creature, no matter how small. But fleas are not creatures, they are bloodthirsty cat-torturers, and so my compassion stops short of their sort. They can kill fragile kittens. They can torment innocent cats of all ages. And earlier this year, they sheared sweet Serena belly-bald.

Every one of us has stuff wrong with us, which is reason enough to be good to the rest of us. But some of us, including Serena, are so unfortunate as to shout our stuff visibly. And so, the first words anyone exhales upon meeting this beautiful cat are, “What’s wrong with her skin?”

Serena, knowing she’s more beautiful than bald, takes this all in stride. There’s nothing actually wrong with her, not anymore. She knows that the flea-esta of shame is actually over; the season of being bitten has bitten the dust; and it’s all over but the long, slow grow-back now. As any woman who’s ever risked a pixie cut will agree, the waiting is the hardest part.

But Serena’s not fussing over her peach fuzz. She has much bigger fish to fry, by which I mean (a) she would like very much for you to fry her some fish and (b) in the meantime, she will love the stuffing out of you more rapidly than those fleas feasted the fur off of her.

After all, the second thing people say upon meeting this beautiful cat is, “SHE IS THE SWEETEST OH MY GOSH OH MY STARS I AM SLAIN!”

Or something to that effect.

Serena, you see, lives her life with undimmed serenity. The rough patches and bald patches of life haven’t made her mean or anxious. She’ll play with the gusto of twenty Skittle-filled toddlers, only to flop in your lap and purr your mind at ease. She is beauty; she is contentment; she is the kind of confidence that makes you more confident just for being in her orbit.

She’s not Maybelline. She’s worth more than Revlon. And if you’re looking for a cover girl with a very artsy haircut, you’ve found her.

Serenity now and forever!

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  1. Serena – oh my, pretty baby with a nekkid tummy! It’ll grow back soon, sweetie – don’t you worry. We had a beautiful black kitty (Black Sabbath) who had that happen. Used to rub aloe on her tummy until it all grew back soft and black. Serena has such a pretty face – so photogenic. Somebody’s gonna snatch her up, soon! Good luck and lots of love, Serena!

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