Epilogues: March-April 2020 Double Feature

Epilogues: March-April 2020 Double Feature

Did you notice that we totally skipped our monthly Epilogues post for March?

No? Me neither, apparently.

Marvelous Mom Cardamom and her spicy spawn

I can’t imagine what might have distracted us so much. Maybe the Doja Cat/Nicki Minaj remix of “Say So”? Or the “Parks and Recreation” reunion? Or perhaps the latest political developments in Tajikstan? That’s it. Must be Tajikstan.

At any rate, we’ve been distracted. I apologize for these late-pilogues (and for the fact that I just said “late-pilogues”). But the cats have not been distracted, not in the least, and they demand excellence in all seasons.

So here are your quiet, quite short double-feature Epilogues for March and April. Since we suspended discretionary cat intake in mid-March, you’ll notice that the arrivals are sparse…but no less spectacular. Here we go:

Even in a time of pestilence, kittens spice up our lives

Arrived: Splenda, Isabella, Cardamom, Coriander, Anise, Nutmeg, Cayenne, Clove, Tallulah, Luann, Bethenny, three kittens whose names have yet to be announced

Adopted: Missy, Rascal, Peanut, Sara, Venus, Serena, Pierogi, Susan, Scofield, Fernando, Topache, Judy, Tootsie

Returned: Miso, Guillermo

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Sally, by Karina, who is hereby a presumptive Nobel Prize winner

Promoted to Heaven: Abe, Mallard, Alice, Splenda

Tallullah beseeches us all to thrive.

Stuff we learned: Global pandemics are hard. Cats and kindness are healing. We are all in everything together. We’re safest when we don’t forget it.

In closing: tra-LA, may you make a merry May in spite of all the strangeness, and let’s go on distracting each other with love and mercy. That’s our motor every month, no matter what else happens. Onward, kittens.

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