Epilogues: March 2018

Epilogues: March 2018

“April is the cruelest month.” – T.S. Eliot

“T.S. Eliot is incorrect.” – Angela Hartley and 120 cats

Whole Latte love.

April, contrary to that purveyor of jellicle cats, is no cruel character. Nay, after the March we’ve mustered through — 70mph winds! 300′ of snow! The Bachelor! — April approaches the angelic: Hyacinths! Hopefulness! Dairy bars!

And cats. Always the cats. Always here for you, with all-seeing, never-judging eyes. (OK, except for the imperious ones like Eva who will judge the Jell-O out of you at every chance.)

But first, there’s the business of bundling up March’s loose ends:

Arrived: Dino; Amber; Mocha; Nala; Ginger; Jimmy; Wilbur; Serena; Grace; Otis; Herman; Cassie; Zelda

Adopted: Buddy; Birdie; Poe; Latte; Janet

Returned: Melanie; Carley Rose

Cleared from Quarantine: Bella; Brownie; Tiger

Poe, proud owner of 3/4 feet and 1/1 fabulous forever homes.

Cleared from Ringworm: Madeline

Banished to Ringworm: Ronnie

Promoted to the Lounge: Flossie; Fred

Promoted to the Lobby: Melanie

Self-Promoted to the Lobby: Maria

Promoted to Heaven: Jalapeno; Oil; Bianca

Let’s embrace April with open arms. I have it on great authority that it’s actually quite kind.

4 thoughts on “Epilogues: March 2018

  1. Thank you for your wonderful blogging talent that softens some of the sad news. Sad to hear about Jalapeno and Oil and Bianca. Sweet cats gone too soon. And what could have prompted adopters to return Melanie and Carley Rose? But yes, thank you Tabby’s Place and Angela – wonderful adoptions and some new cute cats to get to know and love!

    1. I can answer you this as I had adopted her: with all of her zero-to-zesty self, Carley Rose loudly and proudly proclaimed, “THIS IS NOT THE HOME FOR MEEEEEEEEE!”

      And I listened. She was not happy with me, unfortunately. I loved her enough to recognize it and when I offered her the chance to allow a different human to make their offering of a home, she accepted. It destroyed me to do it, but it was the right thing to do.

  2. It’s all about what they want, not what WE want. Human want has no place when it comes to cats. (Or, heck, most any pet!)

    Nothing to forgive. Your comments are always very kind.

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