Epilogues: June 2018

Epilogues: June 2018

The strawberry moon has hopped back into its hidey hole.

The Jurassic Park/World/Money franchise has handed over its latest.

The magical month of June has jaunted off for another year.

The cats of Suite B drained their savings paying the adoption fee for Calliope, but took out second jobs to afford to oust Bella, too

But June left us with joys indescribable, sorrows inexpressible, hijinks and guffaws and other cat stuff inexplicable.

Let’s go:

Arrived: Hellman’s; Blanche; Dorothy; Rosebud; Fargo; Marley; Houdini; Leslie; Fate; Simon; Abe; Biscotti; Hemingway; Doyle;Jonathan*

Adopted: Saul; Tawnie; Tesseract & Ducky (together); Calliope; Marley; Baldwin; Macintosh; Cameo; Gala; Braeburn; Bella (pictured in top thumbnail); Eudora


Graduated from the Kitten Room to Non-Kitten Rooms: Tiger; Noodle; Venga

Cleared from Quarantine:Sushi; Tiana; Maeve; Phalange; Patella; Fibula; Femur; Rufus; Bartleby; Rorschach; Butternut; Polly

Promoted to the Lounge: Farrah

Summertime, and the living is Tigery, in or out of the Kitten Room

Banished to Ringworm: Phalange; Patella;Fibula; Femur — still, and at such a tender age, dies irae!

Promoted to Heaven: Scotty

Stuff We Learned: If you rescue a cat with his head in a mayo jar, the media will finally pick up your press releases. Weirdly. I mean, really weirdly.

Come now, kittens. Summer is looking out of her brazen tower. Julywards!

*Yes, we really do have a real cat named for the real Jonathan…and he’s fabulous. Stay tuned…

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  1. All the cats of Tabby’s Place world are cats of wonder – and some wise and wonderful adopters are lucky enough to take one home with them! Good luck and much love to the families of Saul, Tesseract, Ducky, Tawnie, Calliope, Marley, Baldwin, Macintosh, Cameo, Gala, Braeburn, Eudora and especially BELLA! And we are thankful for the time we had to know and love Scotty and to let him know how wonderful he was.

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