Guest post: Beers to ya!

Guest post: Beers to ya!

In Massachusetts, there is a mecca for the brewed barley connoisseur, with a name that resounds through the Tabby’s Place Lobby where one furry little Lord Hobo reigns(ish) supreme (depending on whether or not Olive has a say).

Meanwhile, in sweet suite A, our Boom-Sauce brings the awesome sauce (please do not inform the author of exactly how done this phrase is).

As it happens, the reason Boom is Boom-Sauce to me is because of one particular (and deee-licious) brewed barley beverage, produced at the aforementioned Massachusetts maker of the goodness.

In my travels (past and future, just not present), it has been and will continue to be delightful to walk into a purveyor of golden, liquid yum and giggle to myself as I am reminded of Tabby’s Place because of the name of a beer. (It also amuses me to get some very curious looks and to never, ever explain myself).

In future, I will visit purveyors of said beverage and giggle even more, because Hobo has joined the ranks at Tabby’s Place, and he shares his name with the producer of some very fine quaffs.

In a very near future, which I look forward to like a kid waiting for the end of that last, interminable school day before summer vacation, I’ll be meeting “Lord” Hobo in person at last, and catching up on missed visits with Boom-Sauce.

When that happens, I’m sure a few of you will have some interesting expressions on your faces as I giggle and cry and guffaw with joy.

Until then, cheers! Have one for me.

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