Guest post: A little cat music

Guest post: A little cat music

Hymns and psalms and chorales and chants are all different kinds of songs.

All are music to the ears, and at Tabby’s Place, those are just the beginning.

We have quackers, a la Lemon and Carbon.

We have the hissing “sisters” of Lizzie and Olive (the poor bladder-expressers who bear her wrath!). Princess Charming even treated Lemon (witness below!) to a spectacular yawn/hiss full of bristle, gristle, and grit.

In Suite C, there’s a quiet crowd, rarely piping up above a roar. That is, they’re quiet until the rough play begins (easily settled with a whistle – “just pucker up and blow”). Joshua doesn’t say much, but Wilbur sings with zing, even as he shows full, big, white belly and goes all in for the fun.

The lobby band is cracking good! Grecca the Great has a song all her own. Sophia wheezes along in soft counterpoint; one must listen carefully.

And, Stanley.

This chunk of orange divinity sweetness is a real warbler. He chirps and trills and hums right along, especially if he’s being snuggled and cuddled. Honestly, Stanley is such a love bug, the masking mandate was a help. (Well, it didn’t help keep my eyeglasses clean, but it did keep fur from getting into my mouth and nose.)

Bouncing around the lobby, Stanley in arms, I was able to dance to the collective tune of Valerie, Rose, Anka, and Boobalah, all doing their best to provide the kind of back-up vocals that are more felt than heard.

Wrapping up in the lounge, SURPRISE AND JOY, there was Samantha!

Nervous, but sweet, I almost didn’t recognize my formerly-cowering friend. In the daylight, not hiding in a corner of a crate, she loves stretching out on the sofa. Approaching with care — Samantha startles easily — I had no trouble enticing her to add her own notes to the symphony at Tabby’s Place. A few pats, a scratch or ten (more is better), and before either of us was aware — tail in the air; Samantha don’t care! This sweet, grizzled old girl purrs to beat the band.

Now, if we could just get a recording contract.

Pictured top to bottom: Stanley, Samantha, Carbon, Stanley, Samantha. And now for something very special…

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  1. It is true. My own Peanut – chirps and hisses, snores and purrs with his own special cadence from a broken purr box. Special cats that I see every morning also have their own individual sounds – from “here I am” meows to “yes, yes, yes – you brought breakfast!” Starts my day with a smile.

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