Guest post: A Faith-ful update

Guest post: A Faith-ful update

Oh, kittens.

Have we got grace and giddy glee for you today.

If ever you struggle to believe that goodness wins, and this world is alive with mercy, and love hums at the center of all things…prepare to have your faith restored.

The following comes courtesy of two of the awesomest adopters who hath ever trod the earth. You don’t want to Miss this. But be forewarned: your spirit is about to get airlifted. –XO, AH

“Hello there, dear folks at Tabby’s Place! I first and foremost feel the need to apologize for the lateness of this reply, as not long after we brought dear Faith back home to Ohio, life got pretty crazy. …

“We took some time to get Faith (now called Little Miss Kiri, or Little Miss for short…she picked up the change remarkably fast!) accustomed to her new home. We kept her in her ‘room,’ a small walled area in the middle of our apartment where she could see and hear us, but had access to all her essentials close by. I think it took two days before she got bored of that, and we had her out and about, gently increasing the size of her pen with a foldable metal gate/wall that kept our big open layout more manageable for her. We had her out for walks around the whole apartment, where we’d follow her meandering, winding way, and she tended to get lost…but never deterred, the Miss remained curious. Her first foray onto the carpet in my office was quite adorable – she did not know what to make of it, flopping onto her side and slide-scooting all over the floor.

“Amidst her settling, Little Miss kept up her trademark shouting, calling whenever one of us was too long gone from her watchful, wonky eyes. She quickly learned (or rather, she very quickly trained us) to come when she hollered, to be airlifted onto the couch or ottoman to recline in proper feline style. We actually found that she shouted for us less and less as we got in tune with her ladyship’s demands, and she was quite capable of hopping down without issue. Jump up, she could not, but getting down the 18 or so inches on her own? She had that well in paw!

“It was not to remain that way for long, however, but not in the way you might imagine.

“I purchased a cat scratcher that was a very nice, long bit of wood with a very robust carpet on top. Little Miss took to it immediately. I also realized that it was just about long enough to serve as a ramp to help the Miss get herself up onto the daybed in my office. It took some patience (and many, many treatos), but after about a week, she managed to motor herself right up the makeshift ramp and onto the bed.

“Oh ho! The queen could now perch HERSELF upon a proper cat-ly throne, high enough to be able to survey her lands from a respectable height!

“All jokes aside, it was wonderful to watch Kiri accomplish this milestone. She started off so wonky and uncoordinated, and to see her reclaim this independence really cemented her in our hearts. You could tell she enjoyed being able to get herself where she wanted to go.

“And so it went for a few weeks. Each morning I set out her ramp, and by now, the Miss had the run of the whole apartment. She rarely got lost or stuck in her spinning. I soon noticed that she had continued to improve on her coordination. I walked into the office one morning to find Little Miss firmly enthroned with no ramp in sight. Surely, I thought, my other half had put her up there and left. Shame on me for doubting, as the following morning I was not quick enough at my duties and watched her climb her way up the daybed all on her own!! Another victory!

“Since then, she’s managed to fully hop up onto the couch, ottoman, and both our beds (one of which is about 3 feet high!) unassisted. She doesn’t even need to haul herself as these days, she can fully hop up without a problem. The Miss will not be stopped!

“It’s not all been victories, as she of course still has her struggles with the head tilt. Her ears seem to be an issue — she’s had several ear infections in the months we’ve had her — but overall, she is a very happy, healthy girl.

“On days when a storm rolls in and the atmospheric pressure changes, she is weird. Not hurting or scared, just odd, but we give her extra treats those days and she doesn’t seem to care for long. Nothing — neither storm nor setback, nor running into a wall full speed — deters the Miss for long.

“She still spins on occasion, a couple times a week maybe, but she’s also much more playful and energetic. She swivels her ears and hunches up her back before she bolts across the house, wiggly and demanding to be chased. She even rough-houses these days, stalking us in proper cat fashion and jumping onto arm or shoulder with enough fine motor control to play, but not scratch or bite to harm. She’s really come a long, long way on having better function with her jaws and her paws! It’s been super fun to watch her improve.

“She is still training us, too, of course. She sits and waits patiently at her bowls when it’s time for her meal (warmed up and cut with bone broth, just to her highness’s liking!) or when she’d like new water in her bowl. She is a very proper little queen at those moments, and we couldn’t be prouder.

“She still has her little walled room, out in the highest-traffic spot in the house, where her food, water, and litter box are. We put her in there to sleep each night, and she handles it great. It prevents her from getting lost in the apartment while we’re asleep and can’t help, and she never has a complaint. ‘Til the morning time comes and she sees one of us, of course. Then she demands to be liberated from her prison!

“We have Faith she’ll keep being wonderful for many moons to come. Can’t thank you enough for landing this special little gal in our lives!”

-AwesomeAdopters Candice & Erich

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