Epilogues: October 2017

Epilogues: October 2017

October over?

Pumpkins kerplopped?

Fear not; November remembers you.

Wicket says being returned is wretched. Being readopted, however, is wondrous. Ergo, November is better than September.

This is that funny time of year — funny-melancholy, not funny-haha, although haha helps — when we’re betwixt and between different kinds of goodbyes. Summer friends like Mr. Tastee and all the superheroes have retreated to winter storage; but summer horseflies and amply-sized men in Speedos have departed, too. We’re torn between swinging from the last strains of “Summer Breeze” and jumping head-first into “November Rain,” even though the latter is one of the worst songs that was ever written, and let’s not even talk about the music video. But I digress.

And cats are relentless in their push towards the future, and things happen no matter what sorts of things are happening inside our strange selves, so let’s go, shall we?

Arrived: Brulee, Anemone, Shrimp, Anchovy, Barnacle, Scallop, Urchin, Sissi, Chance, Navy, Azure, Cadet, Turquoise, Sampson, Jefferson, Grayson, Emerson, Doodle, Benny, Agnetha, Anni Fred, Bjorn, Patty

Urchin asks no more of November than that it yield abundant green feathers. And fish mush. And hugs.

Adopted: Torus; Cheddar; Hank (yes really YES REALLY); Jelani; Bozzie; Rebel; Cornell; Nealy; Gwendolyn; Wesley & Dante (together, to a toaaaadly awesome barn); Brenna, Plutus & Coal (together forever and ever amen); Wicket; Twist

Returned: Brenna & Plutus (together, apparently because they couldn’t live if living was without Coal, with whom they were readopted); Cheddar

Cleared from Quarantine: Venga, Dudley, Bubble, Squeak, Smokehouse, Anemone, Anchovy, Urchin, Olivia

Cleared from Ringworm: Grant

Banished to Ringworm: Anka, Xenon, Neon, Argon

Promoted to the Lobby: Emerson

If you’re glum that the world turns grey in November, remember that grey is glorious because Olivia is grey. Q.E.D.

Demoted to the Lobby Repeatedly, For Crimes Against Felinity: Walter

Promoted to Heaven: Shrimp, Scallop, Barnacle, Lars

So try with me to remember; it’s not so bad to be in November. Tofurky forward, kittens.

1 thought on “Epilogues: October 2017

  1. Forever Loved, Lars – little old scruffy mancat. But we love new wonderful arrivals and wonderful October adoptions. Cornell. Wonderful adopters, kiss that boy’s head for me. And we have a new Chance! Remember the orange fellow who was lucky enough to make it to Tabby’s Place for some months of glory, and who learned how to play under the door with the awesome Tashi? Much luck and happiness, Chance – and all you new arrivals.

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