Epilogues: November 2020

Epilogues: November 2020

Be it known that November 2020 has come, November 2020 has gone, November 2020 will not be back again.

You and me and the cats, though? We’re still here.

If I could, I’d go door to door and deliver each of you a medal — or at least a sugary snowball confection of some kind — to celebrate this fact.

We made it, kittens. We made it this far. We have absolutely no idea what’s coming for us next, a warm hug (the return of hugs…?) or a snowball in the face, but we know — excelsior ever upward! — that, apparently, even dunderheads like us are tough enough for outrageous stuff.

November couldn’t nuke us. But then, how could it? After all, we had the company of cats:

Arrived: Princess Angelina (pictured above), Verde, Cicada, Grasshopper, Bumblebee, Beetle, Lexi, Serenity, Pearl, Murphy, Nikita, Yuki, Elf, Gingerbread, Nick, Nandor, Gravy

Adopted: Wyoming & Utah (together); Cody & Jessie (together); Manicotti, Goblin, and Creature (together); Tyson; Mollie; Paige; Wells; Lincoln; Patty; Cinnamon Raisin; Flipflop; Hanani; Amy; Pappardelle; Renata (at right); Nadja; Everything

Cleared from Quarantine: Lexi, Murphy, Princess Angelina, Verde, Aladar, Crunchwrap

Promoted to the Lobby: Stanley, Harlem

Promoted to the Community Room: Indiana (at left)

Returned: Harlem, Warren, Honey, Paige (but then readopted, VICTORIOUS IS SHE), Clark

Promoted to Heaven: Nandor

November has verily been nuked, and it is now glowing. That leaves us in the kinder glow of December’s Yule logs and twinkle lights and…well, many mysteries.

December, we don’t know yet what you’re made of. But we’re learning what we’re made of, and so we hug you with abandon.

Please be kind.

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  1. November epilog – I am re-reading some posts. I like to remind myself about adoptions and new arrivals – and the interesting art of naming new Tabby’s Place entries. These new cats have won the life-changing lottery. There will be no more uncertainty in their world. They will be loved and cherished. Even if their name is Gravy or Cicada. If Pappardelle and Flipflop could be adopted could be adopted, anything can happen!

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