Epilogues: November 2015

Epilogues: November 2015

20417150189_2661abd345_kThere are months that wound and months that heal.

November 2015 did both.

Perhaps they all do.

But, being people of the cat, we’re tougher than tinsel and stouter than Santa. So, we’ve got star-high hopes for December.

But first, let’s recall from whence we’ve come. Tofurky time went thusly:

"Do you hear what I hear, Newman?" "Yeah...yo' ears taste awesome."
“Do you hear what I hear, Newman?”
“Yeah…yo’ ears taste awesome.”

Arrived: Vanilla, Chocolate, Wilhelmina, Stewart, Jesse, Holly, Eliza, Sandy, Bunk, Abby, Tortini, Weevil, Cricket, Bacon, Olive

Adopted: Raffi, Biff, Marty McFly, Dolorean, Kit, Tandy, Fanta, Rangpurr & Morty (together), Lorraine, Stewart, Freeway & Hannah (together), Golly & Troy (together)

Returned: Bunny

Readopted: Bunny

Cleared from Quarantine: Princess Bubblegum, Kramer, Jerry, Phil, Randy, Vanilla, Chocolate, Wilhelmina, Smokey

Promoted to the Lobby: Smokey

Promoted to the Community Room: Sandy, Chocolate

Self-Promoted to the Community Room: Smokey

"I am Princess Bubblegum. All your Christmas are belong to me."
“I am Princess Bubblegum. All your Christmas are belong to me.”

Ejected from the Community Room for genocidal tendencies: Smokey

Newly sponsorable: Felix, Hildegarde

Promoted to Heaven: Audrey, Colleen (pictured in thumbnail),* Sonny, Elmer

All eyes are on you, December. Do us proud.

*A special tribute to Colleen will be coming your way soon, from her #1 fan, Jonathan.

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  1. Thank you for this November update. Good to see Rangpur adopted – and Hannah (the bearded lady) – and a bunch of kittens! A nice mix. Audrey, Colleen, Sonny and Elmer made our lives better for having known them. Thank you Tabby’s Place for giving them love and shelter.

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