Gratuitous cat photo season begins

Gratuitous cat photo season begins

22542693894_ad015e9e22_kIt’s Advent.
It’s December.
It’s the time of the season when the cats and I are up to our whiskers in your kindness.

Behold the Great Randini.
Behold the Great Randini.

While it’s obviously the most important thing I do, writing profound/asinine blog posts isn’t the only thing I do at Tabby’s Place.

As youze guyze know, I’m the Development (fundraising/give-us-yo’-money) Director here. Once December hits, that means nearly all my waking hours are spent thanking outrageously amazing, generous, glorious human beans like yourselves for flinging fistfuls of money at our cats.

Speaking of which, if you’ve not already done so, please get to flinging. Tabby’s Place makes about 30% of our income in the last gasp of the year, so we depend on your mega-glorious holiday loving to keep the lights on and the cats cuddled. No joke.

Therein ends the shameless plug for today.

What all of this means for the Felis Catus fan is that we switch from words to wonder this time of year. And, of course, by “wonder,” I mean “gratuitous cat photos.”

Now let’s get down to business. Meet rowdy Uncle Randy.

One of our newest Suite B residents, Randy doesn’t move at the same speed as his neighbors. He’s a spastic comet in a sky of steady stars. He wants to play. He wants to rock hard.

He means well.
But if you don’t want to rock and rumpus with him, he means to make you change your mind, by any means.


Just trying to have your breakfast when Randy is trying to have his fun? You’re about to have his paws on your forehead OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN NO BREAKFAST FOR YOU!!!

Randy doesn’t get other cats’ priorities. Even if a Denny’s opened up in the center of Suite B and offered free Grand Slams all day, Randy would gape incredulously at his bacon-gobbling neighbors: “OK, fine, so bacon. But YOU COULD BE PLAYING WITH ME AND YOU WILL YOU WILL YOU WILL RIGHT NOW!”

Even Randy’s miniature mouth can’t understand cats. His wee little lips form a perpetual O of disbelief. Or maybe he’s just gobsmacked by the glory of it all. Even if the other cats won’t rampage with him, the world is an awfully splendorous place.

So let’s not be too hard on Randy. Honestly, he’s just an uncle looking for nephews. We’ve actually contemplated putting Randy in the Kitten Room, as we think our wee rapscallions might be more his speed/maturity level.

But then we realized: Randy will always be the baby of the room.

Fortunately, he’s cute enough to get away with everything and then some. So we’ll continue loving him, apologizing for him (“Really, Faye, he didn’t mean to muss your hair…”) and delighting in his Uncle Buck-ly ways.

Merry everyday, Randy.


Photo credits from de top: Cathy C, Mark in triumphant triplicate.

2 thoughts on “Gratuitous cat photo season begins

  1. Had a chance to spend time with Randy a few weeks back…while he was still in the ‘holding tank’ prior to having full roaming privileges in Suite B. He is a most handsome fella with a sweet, if offbeat, disposition. Between Randy, Cosette, Jerry and Kramer, there is an all-star team of Rookie Talent in Suite B! Anybody would be doing themselves a HUGE favor by spending some time in Suite B and reveling in all the love ALL the residents therein have to give!

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