Epilogues: March 2017

Epilogues: March 2017

March, baby, we need to talk.

That lion-and-lamb stuff is an understatement when it comes to you. Good heavens to Murgatroyd, did you ever march forth.

Tensor, exhibiting his growing talent of not committing random acts of murder.

The good, the bad and the exquisite all got hashed together in a corned beef rainbow of crocuses and cats. You didn’t follow rules, March. You wouldn’t coddle anyone’s calendar.

But you were a wonder we’ll never forget. And so, we’ll love you with all our Lucky Charms, for all of our days.

And in case you’ve forgotten what marvels you marched into our midst, well, let me spark your memory:

Arrived: Winston, Fredrick, David, Jonesy (pictured in top thumbnail), Alexis, Rebel, Tiger, Tarzan, Sugar

Adopted: Sage, Merlin, Oliver, Amanda (from forever foster), Hamlet, Cammi, Rhain, Stetson, Smitten, Sidewinder & Harrison (together)

Returned: Cammi, Nigel Vincent, Saeed

With Juliana in the Community Room, we are blissfully and ceaselessly serenaded with blurbles of “OoooWOW!”

Readopted: Cammi, Saeed

Banished to Ringworm: David, Jonesy, Winston, Alexis

Cleared from Quarantine: Tex, Torus, Tagalog, Tesseract, Tensor, Darcy, Ludwig

Promoted to the Lobby: Meatball

Promoted to the Community Room: Juliana

Promoted to the Realm Of Jonathan: Bear

Promoted to the Lounge: Ludwig, for one second

Foster Fabulosity: Ludwig, for one ever; Newman

Promoted to Heaven: Noah, Eek, Angel, Felix

Yes, March, you’ll linger on longer than the average month. And, together, we’ll march forth, to peace and poetry and promises of love.

That best-is-yet-to-come stuff is no understatement.

Photo credits from de top: John M. x2, Mark.


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  1. What wonderful news about Amanda – and Ludwig and Newman. Forever foster is forever happiness. Angel, Felix – one more sad sweet farewell – Noah, orange boy, Eek, black lady – I loved hearing about the ceremony on Memorial Day when all Tabby’s Place recent angels are named aloud – your names will ring in our hearts and you will always belong to all of us. And John M. is back with his wonderful photos!

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