Special Need: FIV+ and gastrointestinal issues

Newman Newman is a playful, and fun-loving black-and-white cat who lives in our FIV+ suite. As befits a cat his age (about 3 years old), Newman likes to snuggle and be pet, but as soon as something's going on in the suite, he's all action.

Newman came to Tabby's Place from a shelter, where his FIV+ status put him at risk of euthanasia. It's likely that at some point, Newman was fending for himself in the big, scary world outside, because he has numerous scars from fighting, including a crumpled ear. His ear isn't any trouble now, though; in fact, it gives him an endearing, lopsided look.

A more lasting remnant of his time outside, though, is the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which Newman probably contracted from a bite wound in a fight. FIV compromises a cat's immune system by disabling or destroying white blood cells; a cat with FIV is more vulnerable to infection than a cat without the virus. FIV+ cats can live normal and healthy lives, but we do need to give them extra support, just in case. Newman will receive more frequent vet checkups than the average cat, so that we can nip any illness in the bud. The FIV+ suite is also built with easy-to-clean materials so that we can keep Newman's home as sanitary as possible, and our FIV+ cats also eat high-quality food to support their immune systems.


It turns out that Newman also has a chronic gastrointestinal problem. Even with really good food to eat, Newman suffers from regular diarrhea. Fortunately, as long as Newman is on daily medication, his diarrhea clears up. He also eats a special high-fiber diet to help regulate his GI tract, though the results have been a little less consistent with this prescription food alone. For now, Newman continues to take the daily medication. It would be better, of course, if he didn't have to be medicated, so we'll also keep trying to find just the right diet for him.

In the meantime, Newman is just about as friendly a cat as can be. Stop in to visit, and he might just take a break from playing with his suitemates to snuggle with you for a while. We know that because of his FIV+ status and his gastrointestinal issues, Newman is going to need a very special adopter, but in the meantime, we're delighted that his home is with us. Will you sponsor our fun-loving boy?

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$16/month pays for Newman?s daily medication, plus antibiotics for the infections to which FIV+ cats are prone.

$35/month pays for Newman?s prescription dry and wet food.

$58/month pays for 1 hour of veterinary care for Newman.

Any amount will help our Special Needs cats