Epilogues: January 2021

Epilogues: January 2021

I suppose we were asking too much of you, 2021.

We demanded that you atone for the sins of your predecessor.

We commanded that you carry all of our hopes.

We thought, at least, that you could be good-weird rather than civilization-tottering-weird.

This is Eddie. Eddie makes everything OK. Eddie is the Tabby’s Place equivalent of Baby Yoda. Eddie is available for hugging for a donation of one trillion dollars.

As it turns out, you were both. You gave us horned men in the halls of power, but also gruff mittens that warmed our collective hearts. You got all timid and trembly when we asked about the Olympics or Season 3 of the Mandalorian or the future of humanity, but still, still, you vaccinated us against despair.

After all, you gave us Eddie.

And that’s not all you did:

Arrived: Eugene, Toulouse, Tula, Jody, Elvira, Oscar, Eddie, Dusty Rhodes, Parker, Crouton, Cremini, Portobello, Chanterelle, Edith, Audrey

Adopted: Harlem, Samosa, Gravy, Idly, Chutney, Eddie, Miranda, Paneer, Rorschach, Legolas, Warren, Melanie, Muppet, Tadpole, Toad, Esme, Aladar

Cleared from Quarantine: Fontina, Esme, Macadamia, Toulouse, Agnes, Mozzarella, Stefan, Eugene, Tula, Valerie, Everest, Blizzard, Sundae

Promoted to the Lobby: Valerie

Switch-a-rooed between the Lounge and Danielle’s Office: Reese and Samantha

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Brenda, with our immeasurably magnificent Senior Veterinary Technician Denise (who, oh yeah, by the way, immeasurably magnificently also adopted her longtime foster babies Muppet, Tadpole, and Toad, TAKE THAT 2021!)


Promoted to Heaven: George

Stuff we learned: It is entirely appropriate to consume all of the Valentine’s Day chocolate in January under certain circumstances. Also, one can be blissfully comfortable under literally all circumstances, as hereby demonstrated by one Stanley Rosenberg.

So we’ll try to go easy on you, 2021. But if you’re looking for some constructive criticism, here you have it: more poetry, less politics. More healing, less howling. More orange cats, period. And if you can keep Billy Ray Cyrus under control, all will be forgiven.

Onwards, kittens. The month of societally-sanctioned mush beckons.

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  1. Protect the Eddies of this world! Thank you for the mention of wonderful adoptions and arrivals at Tabby’s Place. Thank you magnificent Senior Veterinary Technician Denise for loving Tabby’s Place and cats – and thank you Tabby’s Place for the ongoing gift of Steven and Everest and Indiana.

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