Update on the Peachable One

Update on the Peachable One

Peachy the BeautifulIt has come to my attention that a certain nectarine-hued feline does not appreciate her disappearance from the spotlight following her best friend’s passing.

So, it is my pleasure to turn that light back to our favorite flame-point diva, the one, the only…Peachy.

PeachyQuite a bit has changed in Peachy’s world since she last made an appearance on our blog in July. Almost immediately upon Grady‘s exit from the Tabby’s Place reception desk and Peachy’s life, Peachy decided that she could not, would not, live at the desk a minute longer.

I don’t blame her.

I still see Grady in my mind’s and heart’s eye every single time I walk past the reception desk, and, even a month after his passing, I still sometimes turn my head to see the tabby I know isn’t sitting there. It makes perfect sense to me that a Grady-less desk is nowhere Peachy would want to be.Rest for the Peachable One

So, if you’re a peachable beauty who’s suddenly lost all interest in the lobby, what do you do?

Naturally, you move into the Community Room.

We’ve gotten rather loosey-goosey about which Community Cats “belong” in the lobby and which “belong” in the offices, and that works just fine for Peachy (and fellow Community Room-lover Mr. Grey). As an official lobby-dweller, Peachy spends her nights in the lobby, but, just in time for the morning staff and volunteer meeting, she’ll scratch and paw at the Community Room door to be let in. Of course, we oblige the Peachable One.Beautiful Peachy

Peachy has mellowed, but not exactly changed, since her days of hissing at every cat in sight in Suite A. She’ll give anykitty a good swat if they enter her ample orbit, but, as she did with Grady alone, so with Mr. Grey she seems to have some extra patience. The two will nap side-by-side, about six inches apart, on a long bench in the Community Room each morning, then scavenge for snuggles in the afternoon.

I should note that Peachy and Mr. Grey have also teamed up to necessitate some, ah, redecorating in the Community Room. One of the things Miss Peach and her cohort have in common is a tendency towards what’s politely called inappropriate elimination. As a result, their preferred bench is now tightly wrapped with thick plastic, under a cozy layer of blankets (we should really share this tip with Better Homes & Gardens). Peachy’s favorite “bathroom,” though, is any sort of flat paper, and we’ll regularly spot her scratching at the large white sheets we put under the litter boxes. (Last week, Jonathan startled Peachy by calling out, in a super-loud, James Earl Jones-like voice, “Peeeeeeeea-cheeeeee…this is the Lord…doooo not peeeee outside the box.” And she didn’t!)

Princess Peachy the JustBut cat-disdaining and inappropriate eliminating or not, I must confess that Peachy has worked her way into a very special corner of my heart this past month. I’ve always loved the Peachable One, but especially since Grady’s passing, I’ve had a big, soft, mooshy spot in my heart for the flame-point princess who was Grady’s girl. I love having her in the Community Room, and I especially love how much she loves making this room her own empire. As her photos make abundantly clear, there’s something imperious, even a little superior, about the look perpetually on Princess Peach’s face.

But, if Peachy is a princess, she’s a most benevolent ruler. I’ll always be happy to do her bidding. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Update on the Peachable One

  1. Angela, thank you so much for bringing all the cats’ sweet personalities to life for all of us who read this blog. I loved hearing about Miss Peachy. She’s a funny little princess. Love her!

  2. Wow — if Peachy is a “benevolent ruler” and Jonathan can manage to get her not to pee outside the box using only his voice, somebody needs to figure out where that vocal mojo of his is coming from so you can bottle it!

    1. Happy to be of help. I also do a passable Darth Vader voice that I use sometimes (e.g., “Peachy, this is your father, Darth Vader, …”). Works even better with the helmet on 🙂


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