The land of 1,000* adoptions

The land of 1,000* adoptions

Lovely Viola, just one of the (not quite) 1,000 cats adopted this week.Na, na-na-na-na, Na-na-na, Na-na-na, Na-na-na, Na-na-na-na!

No, I haven’t lost my mind (or, to be more accurate, I haven’t just now lost my mind) – it’s just that all the crazy adoption hearts on our white board have me singing and dancing.

Look at all them there hearts!We’ve talked about the sadder side of the Tabby’s Place Community Room white board before. But, this week, it’s the gleeful side that’s literally taking over the whole board: the “Adoptions/Holds” section.

Each heart represents a cat adopted, and each comet-like streak coming off of the world “Holds” represents a cat headed homeward within the next few days. This week’s explosion of hearts has had every Tabby’s Place volunteer gasping “oh my gosh, all those hearts!”, and even the staff scrambling to keep up with which cats are here, which cats are already gone, and which cats we need to hug one last time before they head to their forever homes.

One of the best bonuses about this unexpected adopt-a-thon? Those hearts aren’t all “easy” hearts – the kind that represent a kitten or another hyper-“adoptable” cat being adopted.Juniper

No, among the kittens and the calicos and the Southern belles and boys (who continue flying out the door), you’ll see that gentle Juniper, last of the “Spice Girls” has finally been adopted. Juniper joined us along with Anise, Paprika and Zedoary, and, like her “sisters,” she gave us the sense that she’d be scooped up swiftly. Alas, as each of the other Spice Girls found a forever home, plump, gentle Juniper lingered on. So, it’s so good, so right, to see her finally cherished in her own home - and represented by a heart of her own, too.

DonaldDonald is another less-than-expected lovey to crop up among the profusion of hearts this week. Cuter than eighty buttons, gentle as a big, black-and-white lamb, and quite timid (and given to spending hours in the safety of the tunnel between his suite and the solarium), darling Donald still needed too much socialization “work” to be most folks’ first choice. But in the heart of H., amazing Tabby’s Place volunteer and mama to alumna Coco, Donald is feline perfection.

And, when it comes to perfection, have you ever seen anything so beautiful as this board o’ hearts?

*Forgive my slight hyperbole. But, how cool would it be if we had 1ox the entire Tabby’s Place population of cats adopted in one week?

4 thoughts on “The land of 1,000* adoptions

  1. Hurray!!!!! So many cats going to their forever homes. How exciting!!! It must bring such joy to your hearts that you all made this happen for those sweet babies! Much love to you and all the residents at Tabby’s Place.

  2. The bipeds at Tabby’s Place take enough lumps via bad news; you’re due for a streak of good news. This shows that the cat-related dances I have been encouraging all of you to do are paying off! KEEP DANCING, BY GUMMIT!

  3. I’m sure that it’s times and news such as this which makes all the time, effort and most of all love which you all have devoted to these cats really feel worthwhile. Even though they can’t verbally express their thanks, you know that each and every cat is saying thank you in their own certain way as they leave for their forever home. Keep up the wonderful work and commitment. Here’s hoping that you will need to get an even bigger white board.

  4. Oh, yes, Fred — the dances are working!!! Great news — and a wish for years and years of love and good health to all the adopted fuzzies and their new families! (and yes, Carolina Cat Lover — a bigger white board!!!)

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