Unadoptability doesn’t last forever

Unadoptability doesn’t last forever

GumboYou knew this post was coming. So did I. And yet, there’s still something so satisfying and right about it finally, really being really real: Gumbo has been adopted.

And, oh yeah, this time it’s going to stick!

Gumbo in his babyhoodIt was another one of those blessed, great-feeling-as-soon-as-they-walk-in-the-door adoptions. When this mama, grandma and two most beautiful leetle kids danced through our doors, there was a joy and a sweetness about them that smacked of Grand Adoption Ahead. I loved them already. The wonderful mom had grown up in a fantastically cat-loving home with grandma, and now her little family was ready for their own kitten.

Do you have any kittens?

I hope you’ll forgive me (Gumbo has!) for the fact that, in that moment, I mentioned all but one of our resident kittens.

Oh, yes, we have McKinley, who is three weeks old, and in Quarantine there’s little eight-week-old Mabel, who just came in this morning…

GumboFortunately, Danielle walked by at that moment and blurted, and Gumbo!!

Oh, goodness – of course, Gumbo! Perhaps, like Gumbo’s BFF “Uncle” Tashi, I had just become accustomed to having Gumbo with us as the “staff pet”, rather than an adoptable boy.

But, once and for all, our little creamsicle wonder was about to prove just how very adoptable he is. Purring in that kind mama’s arms, showing an infinite gentleness with those beautiful children, and quickly winning over grandma with his ragdoll-snuggly ways, Gumbo made it quite sure that McKinley and Maple never had a chance. (Don’t worry about them, though; McKinley’s now on hold with another family, and Maple’s already been adopted.) The children, who were as gentle with Gumbo as any 2- and 4-year-old in history have ever been with a kitten, were literally bouncing by the time they left, singing in a sweet chorus, “we want THIS ONE!”Gumbo

The only thing clearer than the family’s love for Gumbo was his great love for them, shown in an ocean of purrs and the most blissed-out kitten face I have ever seen. It’s like he knew, the moment he melted into the mama’s arms, that he was home.

Forever home.

I truly believe that, when a cat’s adoption is a long time coming, or fraught with snags and close calls, it’s all leading to a very-much-meant-to-be love match with a special family. And, having met the amazing family who now has Gumbo, I know this was the case here.

Worth waiting for? You’d better believe it. 🙂

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  1. Ohmigosh, I got tears (of joy) in my eyes to hear that sweet Gumbo finally has his forever home. I was so upset to hear he had gotten returned before. But I guess that was because his true family hadn’t come looking for him yet. YAYYYY Gumbo!!!

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