Update: Couch time for the Chester four

Update: Couch time for the Chester four

Twinkie and Cupcake under the couchThere’s happy news at Tabby’s Place this week: the four sweethearts rescued from the hoarding situation in Chester (the Dessert Kids, Twinkie, Cupcake, Strudel and Trifle) are out of quarantine and in a suite of their own.

Now begins the slow, patient work of helping them to learn that humans can love them well, and that life can be sweet. Times like this, I honestly wish we had a cat psychologist to help these babies process all they’ve seen and endured.

But, this resourceful quartet has taken matters into their own hands, and set an appointment for some “couch time.” To be specific, they’ve all clustered together under the couch in their suite. Presently they feel safest when they’re (a) all together and (b) as far from humans as they can get. In fact, a volunteer who strolled into their suite this morning walked out and reported, “I don’t think there are any cats in that room.” Just the way the Dessert Kids want it to seem.Trifle under the couch

But, these sweeties only moved into their room yesterday, and I see signs of progress already. I was stunned and delighted yesterday afternoon when I was standing in the lobby and, out of the corner of my eye, saw a tiny, orangey-brown tabby pop up in the window to Adoption Room #2.

It was Twinkie!

Excited and more fascinated than scared, she surveyed the lobby from behind the safety of her glass window. A moment later, she was joined by the big, handsome Trifle! It made my day to see these two beginning to explore their new world. Who can imagine what they’re thinking and feeling as they balance this new, seemingly too-good-to-be-true experience against their life in the Chester house?

Twinkie, Cupcake and TrifleAs eager as I am to pet and snuggle these sweet cats, and to show them how much we love them, I know they’ll get that message best if I respect their time table. So, it will be a slow and gentle process of earning their trust and showing them how sweet life can be, aided in no small part by our amazing volunteer socializers.

But, in the meantime, the dessert is out of the Quarantine box, and their new lives are just beginning. I’ll keep you posted as the sweet days to come unfold.

3 thoughts on “Update: Couch time for the Chester four

  1. After only one visit to Tabby’s Place and seeing all the time and patience that both staff and voluntieers devote to all the cats, it is obvious that it will only be a matter of time (short I hope), that they will come around and realize how many loving humans there are out there, and how much they are wanted and loved. Hopefully, forever homes are not that far away.

  2. wouldn’t it be an incredible blessing if all four of these babies got adopted together so they could live together forever?! I know that’s a lot to ask…I’d do it if I could, that’s for sure! And I also know that in a short time, they will be loving up some lucky volunteer and once again proving that Tabby’s Place is heaven on earth!

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