Too good to be true

I’m of the strong belief that God is good, all the time. There are few places I’ve been as frequently or as powerfully reminded of this as among the cats of Tabby’s Place. Their unconditional love is a living, purring parable. The quiet, undeniable rhythm of mercy to them and through them is charged with […]

It’s hard not to get excited…

…when a serious, loving, seriously-loving family comes to visit one of our quirkier, “less-adoptable” cats once, then twice, then a third time. …or when one of the most terrified cats I’ve ever known purrs – purrs!! – in a human’s presence. …or when even our never-one-to-whitewash-the-truth veterinarian concedes that the improbable, the too-wonderful-to-hope-for, the miraculous, may […]