Dessert Kids update: into the great wide open

Dessert Kids update: into the great wide open

Strudel lounging in Suite BThere’s breaking news for the Chester crew, and it’s almost as sweet as their names. Suite B has just received delivery of a fresh Twinkie, Trifle and Strudel.

Now, before all my fellow Cupcake-adorers get concerned, let me put your minds at ease. The most timid, gentle member of the quartet is still with us, and she’s doing just fine. Miss Cake didn’t join the other three Dessert Kids for the big move, so she’s still in Adoption Room #2.Cupcake, fine and dandy in Adoption Room #2

Full disclosure: I was a bit anxious about this myself, as I’d come to think of these four as an unbreakable package deal. But, my moony ideas aside, the truth is that Cupcake hasn’t been so bonded to the rest of the group in quite some time. While Twinkie, Trifle and Strudel are rarely found not in physical contact with each other, Cupcake is more frequently in the company of soft grey Cypress, or contently on her own. Just another reminder that we can’t always trust our own sentimental musings when it comes to the feline kind – they find their own cliques and comfort, whatever social configurations we may imagine for them.

So, while Cupcake continues to live on the wild side (by which I mean “occasionally appear”) with Cypress and Max in Adoption Room #2, the other three Dessert Kids have “graduated” to a real suite.

Twinkie as snug as a twinkie in a wrapper, in the hammock of Suite B's giant cat treeAnd what a suite it is!

When these three make their debut to the hoi polloi of Tabby’s Place, they do it in the place to see and be seen: the big, boisterous, 18-cat-strong Suite B (land of Natalie, Tex, and other huge-personality sweethearts).

As you might expect, the more neurotic among us human beans (um…yes, that would be me) were a bit anxious for these lovies’ big move. They’d been through so much, from the house of hoarding horrors, to their slow transition to Tabby’s Place, to life with kooky-but-wonderful Max…were they really ready for the rough and tumble reality of Suite B?

No need to make it complicated: yes.

Strudel and Trifle loving life and each other in Suite BAs befits the trio’s love of all fellow felines, Twinkie, Strudel and Trifle are making themselves right at home with their 15 roomies. After a few days of understandable hesitation and cowering in their large crate (big enough for three, naturally), Tiny Twinkie, ever the intrepid explorer, has taken her place on the colorful cat cubbies at the heart of the room. Twink’s true love Trifle has followed the fearless leader out to the cubes, and seems wholly unruffled by the good, “bad” and ugly cats sharing his world. Timid, gentle-as-a-lamb Strudel has also stepped out, discovering the pleasure of napping in a big, blanket-filled basket (or, literally in the arms of big brother Trifle, as at right).

So now that these Dessert Kids have entered the general population, what’s next for Twinkie, Trifle and Strudel?

Happy TwinkieAllow me to employ one last bakery metaphor. Once your pastry treat is baked up all flaky, warm and wonderful, there’s just one thing left to do: pop it into a box and bring it home to savor the sweetness.

Is it any different with a Dessert Kid? (Well, yes, I hope you would poke holes in the box for them to breathe, and not eat them, but…let’s not belabor the metaphor.) Today, Suite B…tomorrow (or next year, or however long they need)…forever homes.

Oh, yes. It will happen.

12 thoughts on “Dessert Kids update: into the great wide open

  1. I am new to this page but not to Tabby’s. I have been working to socialize these kids since
    July. I am so proud of these babies. They have
    come so far. And yes, they are all as
    scrumptious as they look! I want to
    thank all of you who read this blog and respond so warmly to these special kitties.

    1. Hi SusanM! We’ve also been working with these charming little guys over the last couple of months. Had them taking treats out of our hands and could brush just about everyone except Twinks. Would love to swap “notes” with you as to what works with shy kitties. I’m out of state on a parent-related project and miss them soooo much (as well as cuddles from sweet Bellis). So glad they’ve graduated into the Big Time! Please give them a virtual “hug” from us! Thanks!

    2. Bonnie, I was wondering who else had been helping them. Thank you so much. They have come so far and I am only able to see them once a week due to work. I knew some other lovey person was encouraging them to be friendly. I would love to trade notes on shy kitties. I can’t get Twinkie to be brushed or touched either, but she does love feather toys! She goes crazy! What an unbelievable cutie she is!
      I look forward to meeting you soon Bonnie!

  2. A special thank-you to Susan — without you, dear friend, these cats would have had a much more difficult road — see what love and patience can do?!!! These cats are so incredibly big and beautiful and you can see in their eyes how comfortable they have become – I hope they all get adopted together (my house would be nice…)!

  3. I don’t know if anybody else gets the Morris County newspaper, but I have to go through it for work and just this week read that all but 11 of the over 200 cats and kittens from that home in Chester (where these little lovebugs are from) have now been adopted. And the remaining 11 are going to a private animal sanctuary. This is a big turnaround from a few weeks ago, when they were threatening to euthanize the cats and kittens that were not yet taken into homes. So between Tabby’s Place and the public, all’s well that ends well.

  4. There’s nothing like a happy ending for those sweet kids. Can’t wait until their forever homes show up. Thanks for the love and care you’ve shown them.

  5. Susan & Bonnie, you are both angels to the Dessert Crew – I am beyond grateful for both of you and your labors of love. (And, it’s a joy to see you here on the blog. :-))

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