Dessert kids update: sweetness expands

Dessert kids update: sweetness expands

Cupcake and Twinkie, flourishing in their forever homeFunny thing about a really good dessert.

You can savor it every single day and never, ever get sick of it. I remember once reading about a spectacularly-old dude who had eaten one Twinkie every day since his 20s, and credited them for his long and peaceful life.

As much as his Twinkies may have enriched his days, they can’t hold a candle to the goodness goin’ on with a certain feline Twinkie and her sister Cupcake.

Cupcake and Twinkie loving life (and each other) in their forever homeSince the Chester girls hit the forever home jackpot two months ago, life has only gotten sweeter. This week, I was thrilled to hear from Mrs. TwinkieCupcake herself, who was kind enough to let me share her wonderful reflections on life with T & C with all of you. I will let her love-loaded words and the blissed-out faces in her photos tell the tale.

“It’s eight weeks today I brought Cupcake & Twinkie home!

… We have made some major progress here with the girls I thought you might like to hear about.

cupcake-twinkie-in-their-forever-home-1Cupcake is not so invisible any more! The first week or so, she lived under the treadmill and under the kitchen table, and only came out to eat or use the litter box (and only when I wasn’t around). Twinkie also hid under the table.

I would say Cupcake is “out” about 75% of the time now. The other 25% she has found a safe spot under my bed. She usually goes there right after breakfast, but comes out for lunch and sometimes stays out all day. She sleeps overnight on the couch.

She still plays “keep away” with me when I’m filling the food dishes, and if I walk by while she’s eating she will back off and wait till I’m gone. She gives me a wide berth, as I do her. LOL.

cupcake-twinkie-in-their-forever-home-5The best part is in the evening; after I go into the bedroom to watch TV, (Cupcake) likes to curl up on the couch. If I approach her from the back of the couch, I can lean over and after she smells my hand and I talk to her softly, I can pet her! She loves it and purrs. But if I do too much, she will run away. I even got her to play a bit with a toy I dangled in front of her. At least twice while I was scratching her back she turned around and licked my hand as if to say “thank you.”

… Twinkie is still pretty untouchable, although when she’s sitting down calmly (which isn’t very often LOL) I can approach her with my hands behind my back and we can rub noses… . I have also been able to touch her tail, which is suprising, but as soon as I try to pet her she either runs or swats at me.
She does follow me around and clearly wants to be my friend. She just isn’t sure yet.

twinkie-in-the-sun-11-28-09(Twinkie) is quite the explorer and has knocked down stuff on the bathroom shelf, my DVR cable box, a set of headphones, stuff on the dresser, and when she went behind the TV and was trying to get out she pulled the cable plug out LOL. It’s no big deal. Nothing broke. She is just exploring her surroundings. She’s an entertainer.

… Twinkie is very excitable after she poops, and runs around like crazy, showing me “look at what I did.” LOL. She clearly adores Cupcake, and when Cupcake is out sometimes Twinkie bothers her so much that Cupcake hisses at her and hits her.

I find them curled up together on the couch and on the floor around the heater. Twinkie sometimes has her arm (or back leg LOL) around Cupcake and rests her head on Cupcake’s belly. They also groom each other.

They’ve also curled up together on my bed, but only when I’m not in the room. In fact, they are both on the bed now (I can see them from the computer in the DR). But if I went in there, Cupcake would get down and leave the room.twinkie-and-her-prey-12-31-09

I play with Twinkie up to 4 times a day. She is quite the (fishing) pole dancer LOL. We’ve already gone through about 3 of those feather toys because she pulls all the feathers out LOL. She loves to take the feather part, put it in her mouth and carry it off like her prey, with her tail held high in the air. She is quite the character and totally entertaining.

… I used to brush my previous cats’ teeth, clip their nails, brush them daily, and clean their ears. I wish I could do that to Cupcake and Twinkie, but I have to give it more time. They both use the scratching post–Twinkie much more than Cupcake. …

cupcake-twinkie-in-their-forever-home-6I do miss not having cats I can pick up and snuggle, so I am kind of going through withdrawal here, but I really believe in time these girls will come around and it’s going to be very rewarding. It’s just going to take longer. I’m aiming for Mother’s Day (that would be about 6 months I’ve had them). I think that would be a great present to wake up and find them in bed with me. I don’t regret getting them at all. This is their Forever Home, and I am their Mommy.

I think considering where they came from and what they’ve been through, and because of the wonderful socialization and care they got at Tabby’s Place, they have come a long way.

My vet and staff are anxious to meet them. I’m planning to wait until May. They will be 2 then (I gave them May 1 as a birthday), and as I said I will have had them 6 months. …

… I’m a survivor, as are Cupcake and Twinkie. I think they were meant to be mine. And I will always do whatever I can for my girls, no matter what the cost. I can’t not do it. My girls have always been my children … They are the best roommates any one could ask for.”

cupcake-twinkie-in-their-forever-home-7It is all too good to be true – and yet completely, gloriously true. Mrs. TwinkieCupcake, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving these girls the love of a lifetime.

PS: The Dessert boys, Strudel and Trifle, are doing marvelously in Suite B. Look for an update on them here in the near future.

6 thoughts on “Dessert kids update: sweetness expands

  1. They are the cutest babies and it’s so nice to hear that they are doing so well and are so happy with Mrs. TwinkieCupcake. Continued blessings to the three of them as they share their lives forever.

  2. I am sitting here crying as I read this! My girls are doing so well. Thank you Mrs. TwinkieCupcake for the pictures of my snuggle bugs. They look wonderful! I am so happy that they are well and are adjusting to their new home. They will come around with love and care. The important thing is that they have a safe and loving environment to call home and the horrible days of their past are behind them. Thank you thank you for being their guardian angel and their loving Mommy. You are a very special person. I miss them terribly but I am so glad that they are yours. Give little nose snuggies to Twinkie and an extra special chin rub to Cupcake for me!

  3. See what love can do! Love first in rescuing these sweet babies…second in the care that only Tabby’s Place can give…third, with their new momma, a gift from God! This is a wonderful story and I have no doubt that by Mother’s Day, these two special cats will be showering Mrs. TwinkieCupcake with tons of love in return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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