Mrs. AwesomeAdopter speaks: Pirate & Midnight update

Mrs. AwesomeAdopter speaks: Pirate & Midnight update

Midnight & PiratePop quiz: what’s the one thing better than an awesome, amazing, extraordinary adoption?

A stellar update on those astonishing adoptees. And, I’m elated to share, that’s precisely what we received from Mrs. AwesomeAdopter this week. It seems those beloved BFFs, Pirate and Midnight, have taken “happiness” to new heights in the AwesomeAdopter home. Feast your hearts on this.

Midnight“I was down with the flu last week and frozen to the sofa or bed for 5 days. That provided some unique time to watch my boys.

We are a unified family now – (despite) bits of hissing here and there from my Jewels, who manages to place herself across major entry points as if she is extracting a toll from whomever wants to get through.

Midnight owns the place. He loves to be in the kitchen cooking with me - and I think he may be vegetarian! Seriously: I opened a can of soup, got it in the pan, but just could not imagine eating anything in that moment, so without even getting as far as turning the stove on, I just left the pan there to revisit later. Well, there was not a carrot left in the soup when I did come back, and there were little carrot bits all over the stove top. The only two who jump on the counters are Jewels and Midnight, and I am quite sure Jewels would never consider eating a carrot - especially when there was macaroni and other things she would have eaten. (Then), the other night, I was eating lima beans and discovered (Midnight) loves those too! He can move in super slow-motion – I never saw anything like it. (He’s) Mr. Stealth kitty.Pirate

Pirate is doing very well, and is much more adventurous with time. I sit with him in various rooms and show him the sofas and perches and such. I think he very much wants to be Jewels’  BFF, but she is playing hard to get. He spends snooze time in front of the parabolic heater with my velvet Piper, who seems to love him when he lets her.

(Pirate) handles the stairs really well, and I have stopped worrying for him. Last night, I heard the boys upstairs running from the guest room across to my room and back – such a cute galloping sort of frolic!

My Jacques, who is also a jet black male,  is still leery. He is the orignial ‘scaredy cat,’ and he gets nervous and runs when Midnight approaches. He was all snuggled in a blanket – you couldn’t see him. Midnight cuddled on the outside of the blanket, where Jacques couldn’t see who it was, and they were there for hours – so even that will work itself out.Midnight & Pirate

I just love them all so much and enjoy Midnight and Pirate – so much sweetness and determination to win the hearts of Piper, Jacques and Jewels.

I am delighted and lucky to have them. Many thanks for working with me.

PS: Midnight LOVES (will take them right out of my hand) green olives! Yes, yes, I know – strange - but he was Mr. Persistent about getting a bite and nearly opened the jar himself. Imagine that – a kitty that makes eating your (vegetables) fun!”

Mrs. AwesomeAdopter, Pirate and Midnight (not to mention Jewels, Jacques and Piper) are so much more than lucky to be your babies. Blessings on your life of love with them!

7 thoughts on “Mrs. AwesomeAdopter speaks: Pirate & Midnight update

  1. What a wonderfully happy ending!! So thrilled that Midnight & Pirate are doing so well in their forever home. Much love to them and Mrs. Awesome Adopter!

  2. A beautiful gift, this adoption and Mrs. Awesome!! I love the part about the olives — many years ago, I had two brother cats, Ozzie and Roy — they would literally have fist fights over green olives, pushing each other’s head out of the way and battling to play/eat the olives first — very cute and very funny!

  3. You have GOT to know how much it means to me to read about black cats, and especially special needs black cats, getting adopted and loved. I am just in tears, having met Pirate, and knowing he was such a love.

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